Export Control Customer Case Study - Leading Global Material Company


A Leading Global Material and Product Testing Company enables ITAR Compliance using the NextLabs Export Control Solution


“NextLabs provides the necessary control and visibility to ensure that military projects that we work on in the U.S are ITAR compliant”- CIO



The NextLabs client, a leading global material and product testing company is a group of accredited laboratories provides testing solutions to industries throughout the U.S. and Europe. Many enterprises hire their services to test materials that are used to build military equipments. This client uses file shares and Lotus Notes E-Mail applications to collaborate with team members and customers. Due to rapid expansion of their business, this client decided to implement ERP and CRM applications. These applications have built-in functionality to email documents to customers. They were aware of export control regulations and wanted to avoid costly fines.

They identified the following requirements to fulfill their ITAR obligations.
• Identify and label new and historical ITAR documents
• Prevent Non-US individuals from accessing ITAR documents
• Control duplication of ITAR documents
• Prevent unauthorized distribution and storage of ITAR documents
• Audit access, usage and distribution of ITAR documents and policy violations.


NextLabs Solution

This leading global material and product testing company chose the NextLabs Export Control Solution to fulfill their ITAR obligations. With help from NextLabs Consulting, the solution was deployed on File Servers, ERP applications, CRM applications and on 500+ employee computers to:

• Discover and classify historical ITAR documents
• Automatically classify new ITAR documents as they are created
• Prevent unauthorized access of ITAR documents stored on servers by non-U.S. nationals
• Prevent authorized individuals from storing ITAR documents in unapproved locations on File Servers and on their computers.
• Control sharing of ITAR documents, including printing, copying to USB devices, E-mailing or uploading to FTP Servers
• Encrypt ITAR documents when they are distributed externally with authorized recipients or copied to removable media
• Monitor and log activities and display real-time reports for forensic investigation and compliance audits, including audits for authorized access under export license.



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