Microsoft Dynamic Access Control Solution

Extend Dynamic Access Control


Introduced by Microsoft in Windows 2012 File Server, Dynamic Access Control (DAC) allows companies to control access to documents using dynamic access control rules that use document properties, user claims, and device claims to authorize access. Using DAC, companies can achieve greater control over sensitive data while reducing the cost of managing access.

The NextLabs' solution for Microsoft DAC both simplifies the management of DAC Central Access Policy and extends DAC beyond the Windows 2012 Server to applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, Windows Server 2008, and Linux NFS and Samba File Servers. Using the NextLabs solution for Microsoft DAC companies can:

  • Manage Central Access Policy Lifecycle
  • Extend DAC to applications beyond Windows 2012 including:
    • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
    • Microsoft Windows 2008 File Server
    • Linux NFS and Samba File Server
  • Accelerate Compliance with NextLabs’ Policy Libraries for:
    • Electronic Export Compliance (ITAR, EAR)
    • DOE 810
    • SEC/NASD Information Barriers
    • PCI-DSS
    • HIPPA

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