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NextLabs and SAP


NextLabs partners with SAP to provide solutions for electronic export control, secure engineering and supply chain collaboration, and data security. The NextLabs  Entitlement Manager is an SAP-endorsed business solution that helps customers enhance compliance, reduce risk of data breach and wrongful disclosure, and enable secure partner collaboration.

Entitlement Manager was developed to meet the fine-grained authorization and security needs of customers in highly regulated industries, such as those in aerospace and defense, manufacturing, high tech, chemicals, energy, and life sciences who have adopted or plan to adopt the SAP® ERP application as their enterprise resource planning platform.

Entitlement Manager has been certified by SAP as an add on to the ABAP™ programming language, integrates with SAP ERP 6.0, and meets the requirements for running on the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform. It also integrates with the SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) application, Release 7.0 and above. It extends standard SAP authorization to provide policy-driven, fine-grained access control, dynamically authorizing users to access specific business data within SAP solutions based on data classification, user identity and other attributes.  Entitlement Manager automates electronic export control, secures engineering and supply chain collaboration, and enhances data security, enabling the provision of global shared services and harmonization of business processes.

Automating Electronic Export Control

NextLabs and SAP can help you automate export control and comply with export regulations such as the US ITAR, Export Administration Regulations, German BAFA, UK ECA and similar export regulations. The solution actively enforces export controls by understanding the complex, business-context variables for appropriate technical data handling and disclosure.

Enabling Secure Engineering Collaboration

NextLabs and SAP can facilitate the agile collaboration required for global product development, while improving IP security. Entitlement Manager automatically classifies IP throughout its lifecycle, and allows companies to centrally define standards-based policies authorizing access to IP. These authorization policies are then enforced and tracked as engineers and design partners collaborate. Information barriers can be effectively maintained to avoid conflicts of interest and prevent wrongful disclosure.

Enabling Secure Supply Chain Collaboration

NextLabs and SAP can facilitate the agile collaboration required for a responsive supply network, while protecting confidentiality of sensitive demand data, production schedules and manufacturing intellectual property (IP). Entitlement Manager ensures that supply and demand data, such as volume forecasts or production schedules, and manufacturing IP, such as manufacturing BOMs, are property classified, and automatically controls access to these data in accordance with customer, supplier and contractor information sharing agreements and corporate IP protection mandates

Enhancing SAP Data Security

NextLabs and SAP can enhance the security of critical SAP data to help companies meet their compliance and security needs as they provide greater mobility and more global access to shared services. Centralized policies control who can access what data based on fine-grained attributes such as sensitivity of content, location of access, identity of user, and citizenship of user. Policies can also enforce data segregation to ensure data are stored in appropriate locations in compliance with national data privacy laws or export regulations. In addition, policies can further control privileged user access, ensuring that global IT and Help desk personnel have the right system access while restricting data level entitlements



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