Social Media Intern

NextLabs Corporate

  • Corporate Headquarters

    NextLabs, Inc.
    2 Waters Park Drive,
    Suite 250 
    San Mateo, CA 94403 USA

    General information:
    Sales: 800-898-3065
    Fax: 650-577-9102


Gain commercial, media, marketing and webcast production experience at a software security company engaged in some of the hottest technologies in the industry. NextLabs, an enterprise software company in San Mateo, is looking for a media  and webcast intern to provide creative support for our demand generation programs.

This is an opportunity to see your work commercially and visibly deployed and work with seasoned entrepreneurs and industry veterans. This non-paid position requires only 20 hours minimum of commitment per week.

In this position you will gain experience working with a seasoned team of industry veterans and entrepreneurs; learn about and contribute to various aspects of our marketing programs, including media support for our demand generation programs and post production support for our webcasts and our blog.

• Knowledge of popular and new social networking applications
• Exceptional experience using social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, Pinterest, etc.
• Knowledge in PR, marketing and advertising
• Eloquent writing skills
• Practice working with clients or customers to achieve satisfaction
• Effective and professional administrative communication skills
• Being attentive and able to work well with others as a team-player to reach a common goal
• Knack for creativity and having the ability to learn new skills quickly
• Knowledge and experience with audio/video production tools, and the ability to learn new software applications, is essential. Basic familiarity with one or more of Adobe Flash, Camtasia, or similar movie production tool is helpful.



  • Junior year or above, preferred.
  • Major in relevant fields (ex., multimedia, video, audio production, journalism, English, Communications, Public Relations.)

Arrange with your institution for possible academic credit. Depending on the nature of the assignment, work hours and location can be flexible. To apply please send a brief resume highlighting relevant background to: