The Expert Q&A series by NextLabs is designed to provide a platform to increase cybersecurity awareness and promote thought leadership.

The goal of this series is to provide a forum for thought leaders to share innovative ideas while simultaneously providing educational and thought-provoking conversations in the field of cybersecurity.

Should you volunteer to participate in this exciting project, we will work to find a date that works with your schedule to record the interview. Together, we will choose a relevant topic for the interview. We will prepare up to 4 questions in advance ofthe Q&A session.

We will meet via Zoom video call for about 15 minutes to record the Q&A. We will then produce a 3-minute video and send you a draft to review before it is published. The final video will be posted across our social media channels. We will provide you a copy of the final video so you can share it too.

We are looking for participants now! If you are interested, please email: