NextLabs Announces 2.0 Release of Smart Classifier – a Rule-based Document Classification Server

File Type Agnostic Persistent Document Tagging Engine to Automate Classification of Documents Across Repositories

San Mateo, CA –  January 20, 2106 – NextLabs, Inc., a leading provider of data-centric security software to protect business critical data and applications has announced the 2.0 release of its Smart Classifier product. NextLabs Smart Classifier works with existing content repositories to automatically classify and manage documents at scale across multiple repositories.

Accurately classifying data is a cornerstone to ensure sensitive data is adequately protected. NextLabs Smart Classifier automatically classifies and persistently tags large volumes of documents based on pre-defined rules, keywords, and metadata. It works with hundreds of file formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, MSGs, Visio, HTML, CAD, image files, ZIP, archives, and more. Organizations finally have the capability to effectively classify large volumes of documents across various content repositories without tedious human intervention.

Key features of NextLabs Smart Classifier include:

  • Classifies documents and files based on complex rules using keywords and metadata
  • Policy-driven manipulation and transformation of data, such as, delete, move, copy, label, and rights protection
  • Supports incremental changes in real time
  • Ability to perform classification based on selective parts of documents – header, footer, body or metadata
  • High speed content scanning engine to process large volumes of documents in terabytes across file repositories
  • Supports prioritization, scheduling and enablement & disablement of rules
  • Scalable architecture to adapt to ever growing data needs quickly
  • Mechanism to add plugins to extend capabilities – custom actions, support for additional data management operations, and content repositories
  • Generate reports to help better understand various types and classes of documents and how they are distributed and stored

“The foundation to a robust data centric security strategy is a sustainable approach to identify and persistently classify data at large scale,”said Keng Lim, CEO, NextLabs. “Companies struggle to stay ahead of data protection and data lifecycle management due to the significant increase in document volume and data sources spread out across the enterprise, while facing the need to stay on top of the ever evolving data protection requirements. Smart Classifier enables organizations to automate the process as well as ensure that the right data gets the right level of protection.”


NextLabs®, Inc. provides data-centric security software to protect business critical data and applications. Our patented dynamic authorization technology and industry leading attribute-based policy platform helps enterprise identify and protect data, monitor and control access to sensitive data, and prevent violations and comply with regulations – whether in the cloud or on-premises. The software automates enforcement of security controls and compliance policies to enable secure information sharing across the extended enterprise and to prevent security and regulatory violations. NextLabs has some of the largest global enterprises as customers, including GE, Dow Chemical, AXA, BAE Systems, Morgan Stanley, and strategic relationships with industry leaders such as SAP, Siemens, Microsoft, and IBM. For more information on NextLabs, please visit