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Endpoint & Communication Security

Intercept Email & Events

A user creates an email with an attachment and proceeds to send it. The software intercepts the email before it is sent to ensure that the recipient is authorized the view the information. Attributes about the sender and receiver are reviewed – department, location, project, etc. – as well as attributes about the content, including classification.

For endpoints – PCs and laptops – the software intercepts access and usage events. Because the enforcer is tightly integrated on the local host and at the application level, it monitors both file handling events, such as, open, copy, move, rename and delete, and also actions, such as cut and paste, copy, and print.

Content Scan

The contents of the email, attachments or files are scanned for sensitive information looking for keywords, patterns, and expression matching. The information may be classified if available or unclassified in which case the system can be set up to classify the data.

Policy Enforcement

Based on established policies, the system determines the next course of action. This can include: block sending the email or accessing the file, send the email for approval, prompt the user to manually classify the information, automatically classify the data, strip the attachment and put in secure location, remove sensitive metadata, append the subject or end with legal wording, or automatically encrypt it and apply rights protection.

Monitor Usage

NextLabs continually monitors all data activity and usage, making it easy to identify unusual access patterns and if policies need to be updated to ensure proper enforcement.