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Email Protection


Email Protection for Microsoft Outlook

NextLabs Email Protection for Outlook is a policy-driven solution to monitor and control email communications and document distribution at the endpoint. It is integrated with Microsoft Outlook to make it seamless to the end user unless specific action is required. The core capabilities are: content control, recipient control, email approval, and marking and labeling. Email Protection for Outlook works with NextLabs Rights Management to protect and control the sharing of critical business information.

Key Benefits
Comprehensive Data ProtectionProtect your valuable business data such as customer information, engineering design documents, financial information, or trade secrets by implementing fine-grained access controls to prevent sharing of emails with unintended parties or unauthorized recipients.
Increase ProductivityEnhance business productivity by automating policy enforcement and remediation workflow to allow end users to quickly change or redirect emails o follow proper business procedures. Real-time policy education and recipient validation eliminates the need for end users to recall email or manually implement corporate information policies.
Secure CollaborationRights protected files are automatically secure throughout the entire sharing process, whether information is shared with co-workers or throughout the partner network. Attributes about the user and recipient are utilized to enforce policies.
Centralized VisibilityThe system tracks the sending and receiving of all emails and files in logs and provides visibility through a central reporting function.
Key Features
Granular, Identity-Based Email ControlUsers can identify what data they need to protect using data location, classification, content and attributes. The system scans and analyzes data content in email messages and attachments to highlight sensitive information before the user can send the email.
Real Time Preventative EnforcementWhen users try to send protected information to an unauthorized user, they get a warning message advising them of an issue and/or their email is blocked from sending.
Automated RemediationUsers can remove hidden data, adjust permissions or reclassify using an interactive wizard. There is no need to involve IT or create manual workflows.
Integrated Rights ManagementRights Management capabilities are integrated to automatically classify and encrypt files upon emailing the document. Information is encrypted and rights protection is applied to automatically protect sensitive information.
Activity MonitoringAll communication events are tracked and visible through a comprehensive audit and reporting function.