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Entitlement Management

Secure Applications & Data

Organizations have struggled with securing applications for years, typically relying on a small set of trusted users to access systems from corporate-issued devices within the network.  Existing access control solutions were often hard-coded and relied on authorization models that were ill-equipped to meet today’s data security, privacy, and compliance requirements.  As a result, data breaches are almost the “new normal” whereby sensitive information is stolen, mishandled, or used for fraudulent purposes. Organizations thus are in need of a new approach to keep their most sensitive assets secure.


A New, Integrated Approach

NextLabs Entitlement Management (EM) solutions help organizations prevent data breaches caused by internal and external threats by enhancing access control to critical business applications and data.  It integrates an attribute-based policy platform with leading enterprise and cloud applications to provide automated data classification, access control, data protection, and activity monitoring and reporting. These out-of-the-box integrations accelerate time to market and value, allowing organizations to rapidly meet their security and compliance objectives.

NextLabs Entitlement Management can also be easily extended to homegrown mobile, cloud, and enterprise applications through standards-based Software Development Kits (SDKs) available for a wide variety of programming languages and environments.

NextLabs Entitlement Management provides a key set of capabilities

Attribute-Based Access Control

Leverage information about the user, data, and environment at the time of access, instead of static role-based controls, which ensures that the most current information is used to make authorization decisions.

Deep Application Integration

Provides out-of-the-box integrations with leading cloud and enterprise applications for fast, easy deployment and a seamless user experience.

Automated Data

Automatically classifies documents based on context as they are created or uploaded, including content location and the author.

Externalized Authorization

Modify authorization policies without having to make any code changes to the application itself since authorization policies are managed outside of the application.


Centralized Policy

Centrally control the creation, enforcement, and management of security policies across all applications and systems.

Centralized Visibility & Control

Detect anomalies in access patterns and alert on suspicious behavior through enhanced monitoring and reporting on user activities and data access.


Key Enterprise Applications Supported

Deep integration with several SAP applications, including SAP ERP, CRM, DMS, SCM, and PLM.

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Protection for the SharePoint portal environment based on classifications and properties of the various sites.

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An out-of-the-box solution for Enovia PLM to dynamically control access to critical product and engineering data.

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A native integration with Windchill extends role-based access control for fine-grained access decisions.

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Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 eliminates the challenges of scale, role explosion, and enterprise distribution faced by large, geographically dispersed organizations.

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Policy enforcement on the Exchange Server across different platforms and email applications.

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A policy-driven solution to monitor and control email communications and document distribution at the endpoint.

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Integration of custom applications into the NextLabs platform through the use of an SDK.

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