Entitlement Manager for Databases

NextLabs’ Entitlement Manager for Databases (EMDB) enables you to secure your valuable data in relational databases.  The solution leverages user and host attributes in making access decisions.

Databases Supported Amazon S3, RDS, and DynamoDB
Microsoft Azure SQL Database and SQL Server
Data Warehouses Supported Amazon Redshift
Google BigQuery
Filtering controls
  • Control what users can do with filtered rows in database tables
  • Filter the database rows by operation (e.g., Select, Update, Delete) such that users cannot select, update, or delete rows that have been filtered
Block controls
  • Control whether users can block certain actions
  • Block by operation (e.g., Insert, Call) such that users cannot insert a base table or call a stored procedure
Support for multiple database APIs Access via either ODBC or JDBC
Support for multiple data sources Ability to enforce policies with user attributes that can come from Active Directory or the database itself
Centralized auditing and reporting Auditing and reporting in Control Center using EMDB_AUDIT_LOG and the actions that were performed
Simplified access control Externalize authorization management to simplify and reduce the time spent on administering access control policies
Enhanced business agility React more rapidly to changes in business requirements, market conditions, or regulatory environment since policy changes can be made without requiring code changes or application downtime
Higher ROI by leveraging existing IT investments Lower your total cost of ownership as you can leverage your existing investment in the NextLabs platform
Reduced compliance costs Reduce the cost of compliance through more efficient and cost-effective monitoring and audit of your data