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Entitlement Management


Entitlement Management for File Server

Controlling access to file servers distributed across the enterprise is extremely difficult. Different administrators manage the servers and access policies are not always consistently enforced. The discretionary access control model native to file servers simply does not meet today’s requirements, which are driven by compliance, governance and risk management objectives.

The NextLabs Entitlement Management for File Server solution provides out-of-the-box integration with CIFS/SMB, Samba, and NFS file servers. It is easily deployed with zero-perceptible latency to end-users with no change to the network infrastructure. Based on the NextLabs Control Center platform, Entitlement Management solution for File Server works with other NextLabs solutions, such as Entitlement Management for Microsoft SharePoint, to provide an integrated enterprise-wide solution.

Key Features
Fine Grained Access ControlThe use of dynamic authorization technology enables fine-grained decisions based on attributes for the user, data and environment. Attributes can include email, group, classification, host name, location or any attribute defined in an enterprise directory, such as Active Directory.
Control Center Policy Server PlatformNextLabs Entitlement Management for File Server runs on the NextLabs Control Center, a XACML-based policy server platform that provides central management of policies and procedures. The Control Center provides Policy Server, Policy Studio, Enrollment Manager, and Report Server.
Entitlement for Mobile Users & Unmanaged HostsPrevents unauthorized access by unmanaged hosts, such as visitor and contractor laptops; restricts access to select shared folders; and prevents unauthorized mobile users from downloading a document through remote connections from the Internet.
Comprehensive ReportingCentralized dashboards for IT security, compliance officers, and data owners summarizing data use and policy violations. Activity analytics provide reports filtered by user, department, data resource, and policy, with summary and trend analysis.
Policy Adapter for Microsoft Windows ServerThe Policy Adapter for Microsoft Windows Server is policy enforcement software that integrates with the Windows file system and file-sharing protocols (CIFS/SMB) to monitor and control file access activities.
Policy Adapter for Linux File ServerThe Policy Adapter for Linux File Server is policy enforcement software that integrates with the Linux file system and file-sharing protocols (CIFS/Samba and NFS) to monitor and control file server activities.
Key Benefits
Unify Access ControlCentralize access control across all file servers. No need to maintain multiple sets of cumbersome, container based controls.
Secure Mobile AccessPrevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information from their mobile device on unmanaged hosts.
Enhanced Data ProtectionFine grained access control to file servers based on user, data and environmental attributes, including connection, requesting host, and data classification, provides better control over your data.
Increase ComplianceEnforces compliance policies consistently and reduces compliance costs by centralizing access control administration and audit.
Integration with Existing InfrastructureFile Server can be part of your overall entitlement management solution that covers file servers, Microsoft SharePoint, and other enterprise applications.