Entitlement Manager for Salesforce

NextLabs Entitlement Manager for Salesforce (EMSF) provides granular access control and data governance for Salesforce. Through NextLabs’ patented Dynamic Authorization platform, organizations can leverage attribute-based access control (ABAC) and centralized policy management to enhance their security and compliance posture for Salesforce. Key benefits include more scalable access management, enhanced security and compliance for sensitive data, and lower costs.

Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) EMSF takes into account any changes in the attributes of the data or the user and dynamically applies the relevant policies to enforce fine-grained access control across a wide range of business functions.
Centralized Policy Management Central management and review of authorization policies across all applications and services.
Dynamic Runtime Policy Enforcement Real-time evaluation of value of attributes specified in the policies to determine if a user is authorized to access the data at runtime or perform the business transaction in question.
Centralized Audit and Monitoring EMSF tracks and stores user activity and data access across Salesforce and non-Salesforce applications in a central audit server.
Safeguarding of Business Transactions Users can be given the permission to view a set of accounts and other entities while being authorized to edit, create, and delete a subset of these records.
Enforcement of Role Segregation EMSF enables the creation and enforcement of role segregation policies across Salesforce.
Protection of Sensitive Data Across Applications Leverage a transaction- and data-level access management system to secure access and protect data in Salesforce and non-Salesforce applications.
Ensuring of Compliance Create information barriers to segregate regulated data or between confidential projects to avoid data spills or contamination. Manage, educate, enforce, and audit access policies for sensitive corporate data to ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR, SOX, and HIPAA.
Automation of Audit and Reporting Automate the process of auditing authorization and data access to streamline compliance.
Reduction in Security and Compliance Management Costs Attribute-driven dynamic authorization eliminates the need to maintain multiple Salesforce instances or manage individual authorization or user groups.
Improved Business Agility EMSF works natively with Salesforce and manages authorization logic through an externalized, standards-based policy framework. This slashes application development time and automates change management processes, enhancing business agility.