Rights Management for PTC Creo

PTC Creo LogoPTC Creo offers a range of 3D CAD product development applications, which enable organizations to design, create, and enhance products in industries such as manufacturing and automotive.

NextLabs Digital Rights Management for PTC Creo enables the sharing of Creo data so that project teams can collaborate securely once the data has left the Creo application.

Opening protected file Can open a protected file based on rights policy settings
Editing protected file Can edit a protected file such that if a user edits a file, the modification is synced to the source file
Save As and Export The target file is protected, and the source file’s metadata will be transferred to the target file as well.
Centralized Visibility Centralized monitoring and reporting on data use for full visibility
Secure Information Sharing Enable product data to be securely shared between design partners, suppliers, foreign employees, joint ventures and customers worldwide by providing policy-driven protection and end-to-end audit trail.
Improved Compliance Improve compliance and governance programs by automating information controls for sensitive product data with a comprehensive audit trail.
Complete Data Protection Protect sensitive product data by controlling access and usage as data move across PLM, CAD and Visualization systems. Protect data regardless of where it is – in public cloud and SaaS applications or on the move.
Rapid Deployment and Adoption Deep integration and zero based client install allows for rapid deployment among the extended partner network.