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Rights Management


Rights Management for SharePoint

SharePoint is a powerful collaboration tool its use to facilitate the sharing of information has grown exponentially. The challenge is how to ensure that confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands.

NextLabs Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) for SharePoint addresses the common security challenges associated with SharePoint deployments. It protects Intellectual Property and enables you to share it safely with your partners and keeps a record of all of the transaction and access requests so you can monitor what users are doing with sensitive information. Now you have additional protection for all of your sensitive documents when they are uploaded or downloaded from SharePoint.

NextLabs has integrated Rights Management into the application layer in order to make document protection automatic and seamless to the end user. The solution pulls classification and user information from SharePoint or other enterprise systems to ensure the latest policies and information are utilized to make the right access decisions. Users can also apply ad-hoc permissions when appropriate.

Centralized AdministrationThe NextLabs solution provides centralized management of control policies and the consistent enforcement across all SharePoint sites.
Fine-Grained AuthorizationPolicy enforcement for Enterprise Digital Rights Management for SharePoint utilizes attributes about the user, the data and the environment to consider all relevant factors before authorizing access.
Any File Type and DeviceThe solution protects any file type stored in SharePoint and protected documents can be accessed from any device.
Multiple ClientsUsers can access protected documents and files through a rich client, web browser, or mobile app.
Protecting IPSharePoint contains some of your company’s most valuable information. Adding Rights Protection to your documents makes sure that only those people who are supposed to access the information are allowed to do so. Now SharePoint can be leveraged for even the most sensitive projects.
Protection Throughout the Data LifecycleEDRM for SharePoint provides persistent protection wherever the data goes. The same policy in effect on the server is applied to SharePoint data on desktops and laptops, even when disconnected from the network. Companies are assured that regardless of who is sharing the information, only the right people will have access.
Secure CollaborationOrganizations need to share information with partners, customers and multi-level supply chains but they must do it with minimal risk. Rights management enables them to collaborate with both internal employees and their extended enterprise knowing that their data is secure.
Increased ComplianceSince documents are automatically protected and centrally managed, adhering to industry regulations, such as export control, Sarbanes-Oxley, and customer contractual agreements is much easier.