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Smart Classifier

Smart Classifier

Organizations need to provide access to data from anywhere and anytime, while remaining compliant with corporate information security policies and regulatory mandates. Data classification enables organizations to understand what data is sensitive and where it resides, and decide what actions people can take when they access it. Access and usage policies can be defined according to different classifications of the data.

Accurately classifying data is a cornerstone to ensuring sensitive data is adequately protected. The NextLabs Smart Classifier works with existing file servers to automatically classify and manage enterprise data at large scale. The product automatically classifies large file repositories based on predefined rules, keywords, and metadata. The solution works with any file type, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, MSG, Visio, CAD, and JPG. Organizations finally have the capability to automate classification of large document stores.


Policy-driven Batch Classification

Our solution automatically classifies files based on complex rules using keyword matching and metadata search. It combines keyword search in specified parts of documents, such as headers, footers, and body text, with metadata to reduce false positives and false negatives.

Automated Organization of Data

Using predefined rules, the tool enables you to automatically organize your legacy data into certain classified directories using actions such as move, copy, delete, and label files. It enhances compliance with regulatory mandates or corporate record governance rules by automatically segregating data and ensuring appropriate data residency.

Rights Protection

The solution integrates with NextLabs Rights Management to automatically apply rights protection to the selected files based on rules. It supports any file type including Microsoft Office, PDF, CAD, and image files.

Bulk Scanning

The system is designed to support faster scanning of large file repositories with terabytes of data, and it supports incremental scans when there is a change in the file system. This ensures continual coverage of your file system to ensure data is always properly classified.

Centralized Monitoring & Reporting

The solution provides a centralized UI to monitor and manage system components and rules. It provides reports based on the rule-based scan results on the distribution of classified data across your file repositories.

Extensible Framework

The product provides an extensible framework by adding plugins to support additional actions, file types and content repositories.