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Smart Classifier

File Scanner

The File Scanner component scans files and folders in one or more file shares to determine whether a file needs to be classified, rights protected, or moved. It also identifies content changes on order to evaluate whether the file requires reclassification or further processing. Smart Classifier can have multiple File Scanners deployed on different machines, each one can be configured to scan different segments of repositories or different types of repositories.

Content Analysis

The Content Analysis component reviews each file identified by the File Scanner. It reads and processes the file content and metadata, and then indexes the content into a searchable database. Subsequently, all search queries are executed against this database.

Smart Query

The Smart Query capability is based on rules. It returns a list of files matching the criteria defined in one or multiple rules. The solution enables you to define complex rules using keyword matching and metadata search. It combines keyword search in selective parts of documents – header, footer, body – with metadata to reduce false positives and false negatives. The output of Smart Query can be used to apply automated bulk classification and determine additional processing of data.

Bulk Classification

You can apply one or more classification-related actions to files based on the Smart Query result. A sequence of actions can be defined per rule. The files will automatically be classified or organized according to the actions defined in the rules.

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