Designing Electronic Barriers Around Digital Assets – Information Barriers

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for enterprise companies is anticipating and preparing to block the inappropriate sharing and consumption of electronically stored information (ESI). What constitutes inappropriate sharing differs across industries, is regulated by different compliance organizations and governing bodies, and is subject to different litigation and fines. But the underlying problem is the same: wrongful disclosure, where an organization fails to prevent unauthorized users from consuming certain classes of information. Common causes of wrongful disclosure include breaches in confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements (NDA) between parties, designated conflicts of interest (which are highly regulated in many industries), and failure to comply with industry and government regulations pertaining to the export of certain classes of data to foreign countries and persons. In addition to demonstrating compliance for auditing and certification purposes, businesses are expected to assume pro-active stewardship of all sensitive ESI within their organizations in the interest of investors, partners, clients, and even the public at large.

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