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Protecting the Microsoft Ecosystem

NextLabs data centric security solutions help Microsoft customers protect intellectual property, enable secure collaboration, and enhance audit and compliance. The solution is integrated with Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Outlook, Exchange, Windows File Server, Windows Desktop and Office 365 to enhance data security and prevent misuse of sensitive information.

NextLabs enables centralized visibility and control over sensitive data across all systems and applications. Organizations get a comprehensive view into who is accessing what data and what they are doing with the data. This information highlights what policies need to be changed or added for proper access controls.

Centralized policy management allows organizations to implement and enforce consistent controls for Microsoft across the organization to protect data regardless of where the data resides, ensuring protection is automatic and seamless to the user and is not dependent on user driven controls.

NextLabs data-centric security solutions provide end-to-end protection for critical Microsoft data:

  • Access Control – NextLabs solutions help organizations centrally manage and enforce attribute-based authorization policies to enable more granular authorization decisions. The ability to apply attributes to the decision process ensures only authorized users can access critical data.
  • Classification – NextLabs solutions help Microsoft customers classify their sensitive data. Proper data classification ensures authorization policies can be properly enforced.
  • Data Segregation – The system prevents the user from uploading sensitive data to a public repository.
  • Rights Protection – Sensitive documents and files are automatically encrypted and protected upon creation or upload.
  • Audit – Comprehensive tracking provides centralized logging of user activity and data usage to streamline audit and compliance reporting.

Entitlement Management for Dynamics 365

Seamlessly integrate NextLabs Entitlement Management into your Dynamics 365 CRM environment to safeguard your most sensitive information. Automated, fine-grained access controls enhance Microsoft’s native security features, ensuring that only authorized users have access to sensitive customer, sales, marketing, and service information.

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Entitlement Management for SharePoint

Entitlement Management is natively integrated into SharePoint to provide automated data classification and enhanced access controls for the entire SharePoint environment, including all sites and servers. It provides centrally managed, policy-based access control to enhance the native security model by enabling attribute-based authorization to SharePoint data. Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) applies rules based on characteristics about the user, the data and the environment, including classification, user status and network location.

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Email Protection for Outlook and Exchange

NextLabs Email Protection solution ensures that all emails that contain sensitive information are classified and protected before they are sent. Based on the classification, sensitive information in emails will be encrypted and rights protected to prevent emails from being sent to unauthorized recipients.

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Entitlement Management for Windows File Server

Access controls, based on classification and attribute-based policies, are automatically enforced across all files in file servers.

Data Protection for Office 365

The solution also ensures that data is secure in the cloud. Based on policy, the system automatically classifies and applies rights protection to sensitive information.

Desktop Data Protection for Windows

Desktop Enforcer is a policy-based solution that runs on desktops and laptops to monitor and control user data activity. It tracks all data usage activity including how and when it is shared.