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Automate Classification for Documents and Emails

NextLabs’ Document and Email Classification and Labeling solution helps organizations automate information classification procedures to ensure sensitive data is adequately protected. The data protection solution ensures that every document and email containing sensitive information is classified based on user, data and environmental attributes and/or user provided classification. Flexible classification allows for ad hoc or automated classification with persistent tags.


Key Features:


  • Automatically classifies documents, emails and attachments based on content analysis, attributes, user context, or prompts user to manually classify.
  • Automatically marks documents and emails with confidential label or apply a watermark.
  • Applies persistent tags so classification only has to be done once and remains with the document.
  • Centrally enforces policies to ensure critical data is protected with proper authorization rules.
  • Prevents unauthorized users from accessing sensitive emails and documents
  • Automatically applies rights protection to specify whether the receiver can view, copy, print and/or edit.
  • Enables central configuration and deployment of classification rules, tags and policies.

NextLabs Document and Email Classification solution facilitates:

Secure Collaboration

The first step to secure information sharing is to properly classify data. This ensures that only the right people have access to your intellectual property.


Automating the process of classifying and tagging documents reduces human error or omission and ensures that all sensitive information is tagged and proper policies are put in place.


The solution prevents compliance violations by applying classifications related to regulatory requirements, such as ITAR, EAR, HIPAA, and PCI.