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Proactively Remove Sensitive Data

Hidden data within documents, such as metadata, revision history, comments, or hidden spreadsheet columns, can include your organization’s most confidential information.

While many companies have policies encouraging users to cleanse documents before sharing them, internally or externally, it is easy for end users to forget to perform the series of manual steps required to comply. A solution that can detect hidden data and simplify the process for end users is necessary.

The NextLabs Hidden Data Removal solution enables businesses to:


  • Prevent data breach resulting from hidden fields within documents by identifying and removing sensitive hidden data stored in document metadata, hidden spreadsheet columns, revision history, and comments.
  • Precisely determine which documents and data require inspection and under what circumstances.
  • Prompt users to remove hidden data or allow for an exception with interactive tutorial.
  • Monitor and track user compliance with audit trail that discloses compliance issues, identifies gaps, and track exceptions.

The solution applies an identity-driven, policy-based approach to determine what documents contain hidden data, and based on who the document is sent to, whether or not to automate hidden data removal. Users may be prompted to cleanse the hidden data or allow an exception, depending on the policy. And unlike network-based solutions that simply block at the network gateway, the NextLabs hidden data removal solution interacts with users in real time, allowing them to self-remediate before improper distribution occurs, inside or outside of the physical network.

Use Cases

Financial Services

  • Cleanse documents of hidden data when disclosed externally to clients.
  • When analyst research is published, prompt the author to remove hidden data.

Aerospace & Defense

  • When a user attempts to disclose an ITAR-controlled technical document, prompt him or her to cleanse hidden data.
  • Prompt users to cleanse hidden data when disclosed internally or before shared with supply chain partners and subcontractors.

Design and Manufacturing

  • Allow contractors to disclose documents containing hidden data only to authorized recipients within the company domain.
  • Prevent hidden data in a client’s project documents from being disclosed outside the client’s project team.