Buzz words always amaze me. I love them if I think I coined them I love them until I think they are old and tired, but no matter what they seem to have a life of their own. Business transformation and Digital business transformation are a very hot topic these days in the enterprise space, but what does Digital Business Transformation really mean:

  1. Mobile first and cloud-enabled
  2. Collaboration requirements include always on, with seamless access anywhere and anytime, 24/7
  3. Digitally connected supply chains for highly responsive or just-in-time production
  4. Hyper-connected and complex business applications that are iPhone easy to use
  5. Internet of Things and Big Data driving real-time data decision streams and massive data volumes

What are the implications of the Digital Business Transformation on the cyber security imperative:

  1. Cloud technology and 24/7 mobile has made the digital business infrastructure borderless, firewalls and perimeter security have become less relevant, not less important, but simply not enough
  2. Business applications are more connected and complex than ever, flipping from your enterprise app to an iPhone app is the expected workflow and needs to be seamless and secure
  3. Cyber security is a board-level focus from the SME to the Fortune 500, hyper-attention to security in the hyper-connected world
  4. Security best practices are evolving rapidly, new and very advanced threats are constantly emerging
  5. It is essential to secure the app and the data directly

The Digital Business Transformation journey is now.

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