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“In this challenging business environment, it’s more important than ever to reduce cost and improve efficiency while maintaining internal controls. The BAE Systems and NextLabs team is using information technology in new and innovative ways, which allows us to be more agile as a business and provide better service to our customers.”


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SAP - V2


“NextLabs is a long-time, trusted SAP partner with years of deep experience helping global SAP customers protect their sensitive information and intellectual property from theft and misuse. NextLabs solutions now offered by SAP as solution extensions will complement SAP solutions for GRC and SAP GTS, allowing SAP customers to more flexibly, rapidly and cost-effectively secure their mission-critical information assets.”
Kevin McCollom, Global Vice President and General Manager, Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution Portfolio, SAP



“We looked at a number of IP protection solutions NextLabs was the only one that was flexible and broad enough to protect the data in our field service application from the server down to the client on mobile devices.”


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“Dow needed a solution to enhance data security for critical product IP to ensure our information could be safely shared with partners and suppliers. NextLabs solution with Attribute Based Access Control enabled us to provide authorization at a very granular level to prevent contamination and unauthorized access. We were able to automate manual procedures and gain visibility into all of our data access and usage.”

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“Our business requires a high degree of collaboration and sharing of sensitive information. We needed a solution that could protect our critical data and still enable us to collaborate internally and externally without a high degree of risk. The ability to automate export compliance procedures with the flexibility to maintain regulatory requirements in multiple jurisdictions was very compelling to us. NextLabs provided all of the necessary features to meet our data security needs.”



“NextLabs allowed us to consolidate our SAP instances into one global instance and enforce security at the data level with dynamic authorization management. This helps us maintain regulatory compliance and prevent data breach across our global business operations. NextLabs ability to seamlessly integrate with SAP applications enabled a smooth transition and allowed us to scale globally quickly.”


Siemens - V2


“Customers need to collaborate globally on all aspects of the product development lifecycle.”
David Riemer, VP Aerospace & Design, Siemens

SAP - V2


“NextLabs data-centric security software suite helps our customers control user authorization and protect data inside and outside of their enterprise applications, and continues to protect data when it is shared with their partners and customers. Our customers recognize that they need to focus on protecting their business applications and data. NextLabs has developed an integrated data-centric security solution that offers the user experience and time to value our customers can use to help prevent the damage often caused by cyber breaches, internal threats, and regulatory violations.”
Tom Roberts, Global Vice President, Software Solutions, SAP



“We chose NextLabs because their products improved efficiency of our operations, at a lower cost, and enabled us to accelerate production.”



“It’s easy to just replace the manual document control system with a new collaborative system like Microsoft SharePoint. But our biggest concern is export control of technical data. We have to demonstrate that we not only restrict access to all foreign nationals but also prevent certified individuals from sharing data with them. We couldn’t roll out Microsoft SharePoint until we had NextLabs solution to comply with ITAR and EAR.”

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Rockwell Collins


“We wanted to move away from fragmented security controls to get a better handle on our risk exposure, particularly with export compliance, and increase the level of data security in our PLM systems. NextLab’s policy-based authorization platform allowed us to centralize controls and consistently enforce them globally, across multiple instances of the PLM application – helping us to safeguard information sharing and increase collaboration.”

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Siemens - V2


“Digital Rights Management has been a discussion point with JT adopters and members of the JT Open Program for many years. NextLabs offers an excellent option for digital rights management available today. By working with NextLabs in our core products and using the extension provided in JT2Go, the JT community can realize rights management of 3D JT data throughout their extended enterprise.”
Mike Zink, Senior Product Manager, Siemens PLM Software

What Analysts Say

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EDRM technologies promise protection from intellectual property loss, and from inappropriate or unintended disclosure of proprietary or confidential enterprise information, and they allow organizations to strongly audit access to specific data.

Hype Cycle for Data Security 2016, July 13, 2016, Gartner



From the KuppingerCole perspective, setting up secure information sharing infrastructures is essential for any type of organization as a means to better protect valuable information in this age of ever-increasing cyber attacks. NextLabs provides an interesting offering for protecting information across the entire lifecycle that should be included when evaluating solutions for setting up a secure information sharing infrastructure within organizations.

Executive View on NextLabs Secure Information Sharing 2015, KuppingerCole


S&R pros have talked about the need to shift focus from the perimeter and device-specific controls to a data-centric approach that focuses on securing the apps and data and controlling access, but for years, it’s been more talk than action. This shift is under way because business and S&R leaders: understand the enormous financial cost and brand damage of data breaches, worry about insider threats, want to achieve compliance and protect privacy without affecting business outcomes, are steaming ahead with cloud, mobile, and other disruptive technologies.

Tech Radar Data Security Q1 2016, Forrester


Business Impact: EAM is a long-term investment in an architecture for granular control of application and data access. Its use in business applications and data systems can significantly change the flexibility and granularity of authorization, resulting in better access control, audit and compliance results over a broader set of applications and data.

Hype Cycle for GRC, July 10, 2015 , Gartner