What Customers & Partners Say

“The BAE Systems and NextLabs team is using information technology in new and innovative ways, which allows us to be more agile as a business and provide better service to our customers.”

“NextLabs solutions now offered by SAP as solution extensions will complement SAP solutions for GRC and SAP GTS, allowing SAP customers to more flexibly, rapidly and cost-effectively secure their mission-critical information assets.”

“We looked at a number of IP protection solutions NextLabs was the only one that was flexible and broad enough to protect the data in our field service application from the server down to the client on mobile devices.”

“NextLabs solution with Attribute Based Access Control enabled us to provide authorization at a very granular level to prevent contamination and unauthorized access.”

“We needed a solution that could protect our critical data and still enable us to collaborate internally and externally without a high degree of risk.”

“NextLabs allowed us to consolidate our SAP instances into one global instance and enforce security at the data level with dynamic authorization management.”

“Customers need to collaborate globally on all aspects of the product development lifecycle.”

“NextLabs data-centric security software suite helps our customers control user authorization and protect data inside and outside of their enterprise applications, and continues to protect data when it is shared with their partners and customers.”

“We chose NextLabs because their products improved efficiency of our operations, at a lower cost, and enabled us to accelerate production.”

“We couldn’t roll out Microsoft SharePoint until we had NextLabs solution to comply with ITAR and EAR.”

“NextLabs’ policy-based authorization platform allowed us to centralize controls and consistently enforce them globally, across multiple instances of the PLM application – helping us to safeguard information sharing and increase collaboration.”

“By working with NextLabs in our core products and using the extension provided in JT2Go, the JT community can realize rights management of 3D JT data throughout their extended enterprise.”