Simplifying Audit Processes

Privacy regulations require businesses to properly audit the use and distribution of non-public, material information.  This includes knowing where the information is, who has access to it, what they can do with it, and keeping track of everything.  Trying to do all of the above manually is expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone.  Ultimately, it increases the likelihood of a business being out of compliance.

NextLabs simplifies the audit process by automating:

  • Monitor information usage to understand who is accessing and distributing information that is governed by regulations.
  • Track, trace, and alert on risky activities and anomalies
  • Provide auditors with attestations of proper entitlements and proof of controls over regulated information.
  • Improve analysis to better understand the use of information with the knowledge of the level of associated risk.
  • Provide reports grouped by regulatory mandates to make the review process easier.
  • Provide basis for gap analysis with activity monitoring and automated intervention processes.

Inventory of Material Information

The solution identifies material information, its location, and the rights associated with its use, which are used to determine if the proper controls are in place and for reporting purposes.

Entitlements Review

This capability inspects, aggregates and analyzes material information in key repositories and determines the proper level of rights protection according to policy.

Audit and Monitoring

All data access and usage activities are tracked so any issues or improper actions can be noted and acted upon proactively – eliminating unexpected results during audits.


The solution streamlines the reporting process and provides customizable views and dashboards to meet audit requirements.