Data Protection as a Service

The World is Awash in Applications and Data

These days, our lives seem to be consumed by data and applications – much of it in the cloud. Everywhere you turn people are using their smartphones and tablets to do their jobs. From email to ERP to CRM to file-sharing services, there’s tons of cloud applications and data floating around out there – especially sensitive data.

The problem is that there’s no unified approach to enforcing security and compliance policies and identifying threats across these different apps and data sources, particularly when you have a mix of on-premises and cloud applications. It’s incredibly difficult and expensive to manage, which can slow down your business.

Business agility takes a hit, and you risk compromising your valuable data or falling out of compliance with the myriad regulations you may be subject to. All of this highlights the insufficiency of network-centric solutions to address what many customers are feeling today – “How do I reconcile my business objectives with my security and compliance mandates?”

Access Control

Rights Management

A New Dawn in Data Protection

The answer lies in a data-centric security framework to protect all of your business-critical data and applications. And that brings us to NextLabs CloudAz and SkyDRM. Together, they form an end-to-end data protection solution.

CloudAz is the foundation for securing access to applications and data.

SkyDRM is a digital rights management service that enables you to share, monitor, and protect your documents anywhere, anytime – with complete peace of mind.

Why CloudAz and SkyDRM?

Modernize IT

Increase automation, improve efficiency, and enhance business agility

Surpass customer expectations

Prevent wrongful disclosure of customer data and provide secure access to critical business applications

Extend competitive advantage

Protect trade secrets and intellectual property

Prevent data breaches

Close gaps in perimeter security while allowing users to collaborate effectively