Data Protection as a Service

NextLabs provides data-centric security solutions aimed to protect your most valuable assets. NextLabs DPaaS offers quality protection to ensure your data will be protected by advanced Dynamic Authorization strategies and Attribute-Based Access Control(ABAC). These techniques allow organizations to enhance their security systems to prevent and detect potential breaches in rapidly evolving industries. Companies are able to protect sensitive data through Nextlabs’ CloudAz and SkyDRM products. These solutions enable the protection and monitor their business-critical assets such as sensitive data, intellectual property, and product design. These assets will be secure regardless of where they are stored, whether it be on devices, apps, cloud services, or on-premises.

How to Safeguard Data in a Cloud-Based Environment

These days, our lives seem to be consumed by data and applications – much of it in the cloud. And this does not only apply to personal life, but many people’s work is also based in the cloud. Whether its supply chain collaboration, CRM, financial data, or sensitive documents, there is a huge range of cloud apps and data floating around out there and all of it needs to be protected. However, there is no unified approach to safeguard information sharing and enforcing sustainable data protection, compliance policies, or method in identifying threats across different apps and data sources; there is a distinct lack of data-centric solutions to address what many customers are feeling today.

This issue is exacerbated by the work-from-home phenomenon, now that many teams cannot work together in-person, companies must find ways to accelerate their virtual collaboration. The big data initiatives, help us gain better visibility and speed up decision making for the remote workforce but can leave your business-critical data vulnerable. This is driving an increasing need to safeguard data while ensuring that it is still easily available and accessible from anywhere. Businesses need a solution that is flexible, easy, and simple to deploy.

“How do I reconcile my business objectives with my data security and compliance mandates?”

Introducing the Data Protection Cloud

The answer lies in a data-centric security framework that protects all of your business-critical data and applications whether they sit on-premises or in the cloud. NextLabs’ data protection as a service (DPaaS) includes two cloud services, CloudAz and SkyDRM, which together form an end-to-end solution leveraging the same technology as NextLabs’ on-prem solutions.

CloudAz is the foundational piece for managing and securing access to applications and data by granting and denying access based on existing attributes.

SkyDRM is a digital rights management service that enables the sharing, monitoring, and protection of documents anywhere, anytime, and through all devices.

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Key Features of Data Protection as a Service

Feature Detail
Centralized authorization management Centrally manage and review authorization policies across applications and services
Application and data security Control access at the application, transaction, data record, and cell level
Data loss prevention Prevent the loss of sensitive data by protecting and monitoring the data wherever it lives or travels
Access and usage controls for documents Apply rights protection policies in real-time to control access and usage across all applications and file types
Audit and reporting Provide audit logs and reports to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory or corporate governance requirements
Activity monitoring Track and monitor user and data access activity across apps and services