The world is awash in applications and data


Everywhere you turn, people are using their smartphones and tablets to do their jobs. There’s tons of cloud applications and data floating around out there – especially sensitive data. However, there’s no unified approach to enforcing security and compliance policies and identifying threats across these different apps and data sources. The insufficiency of network-centric solutions to address what many customers are feeling today – “How do I reconcile my business objectives with my security and compliance mandates?”

A new hope for all the issues

Data Protection Cloud


The answer lies in a data-centric security framework to protect all of your business-critical data and applications. And that brings us to NextLabs Data Protection as Service. Together, they form an end-to-end data protection solution.

Our cloud services


Industry’s first Cloud Authorization Service providing Dynamic Authorization and Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC) in the cloud.
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A digital rights management service that enables you to share, monitor, and protect your documents anywhere, anytime – with complete peace of mind.
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