Experienced Team of Professionals

NextLabs service offerings are designed to accelerate your information risk management initiatives. Our experienced team of professionals can help you to identify and define solution requirements, understand best practices to maximize ROI and efficiency, and achieve optimal results.

Consulting Services

NextLabs Consulting Services brings implementation expertise to assist customers throughout deployment. We follow a proven, phased approach to design and implement our security solutions, including Entitlement Management, Data Classification, and Digital Rights Management, to ensure the shortest time to value. Our Build, Train, Operate, Sustain methodology is focused on quality, sustainability and long-term value generation and success.

  • We incorporate pragmatic industry best practices into all engagements
  • We leverage expertise in specific areas, such as Export Compliance, and in various platforms, such as SAP, SharePoint, and Siemens PLM
  • We create a NextLabs Center of Excellence (NCOE) so customers can maintain, improve and extend the solution throughout the enterprise

A Wide Range of Services

NextLabs Consulting Services offers a wide range of services and can tailor an engagement to meet your specific needs. Some of these include:

  • Business requirements definition
  • Solution/architecture design
  • Infrastructure provisioning and configuration
  • System testing
  • Training
  • Operational support model

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NextLabs training helps customers develop the technical skills and solution proficiency to maintain and maximize their NextLabs implementations. The training curriculum is designed to teach practical applications in business information control and is reinforced by hands-on exercises.

Our expert instructors share their extensive real-world experience to provide concrete, practical examples that can be applied successfully to achieve your goals. The training program offers a comprehensive set of modules that can be tailored to fit your individual needs, ranging from Policy Analysts to System Administrators:

  • Introduction to Business Information Control
  • NextLabs Entitlement Management and Data Protection Overviews
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Policy Development
  • Audit and Reporting
  • System Administration
  • NextLabs SDK and Application Integration
  • Data Sources Integration

We can customize any of the training modules to meet your goals.

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Information Risk Assessment Program

The Information Risk Assessment Program provides you with an in-depth view of the current state of policies, processes, and procedures for protecting sensitive data and complying with regulations, business policies, and third-party mandates.

NextLabs utilizes a repeatable, high-touch, multi-phase assessment methodology to rapidly pinpoint relevant risks to sensitive data that is covered under regulations, to identify weaknesses in compliance tools and programs, and to craft and propose cost-effective remediation actions that will address identified weaknesses.


  • An objective understanding of the status of your systems, processes, procedures, policies, and documentation relative to the required level of compliance
  • Knowledge of information controls that can be implemented at a variety of levels to ensure that the required level of compliance is attained and then maintained
  • A risk-prioritized action plan to achieve the required level of compliance

The Information Risk Assessment Program is made up of four distinct phases:

Information Gathering

The Information Assessment Team conducts detailed interviews with stakeholders who work with the sensitive data.


The team analyzes and validates data collected during the information-gathering phase and resolves any incomplete or unexplored issues.

Reporting & Recommendations

The team creates a detailed report that discusses relative risks, risk areas, estimated risk control costs, and actions that can be taken to effectively mitigate risks.

Executive Review

An executive review with all stakeholders of the assessment and the recommended action plan for achieving the required level of compliance.