Entitlement Management for APIs & Microservices

The NextLabs platform can be easily extended to secure data when exposed through APIs and microservices.  The rapid adoption of cloud technologies and architectures has increased the importance of protecting sensitive data through these channels.

By integrating with several leading API gateways, NextLabs enables you to enforce granular, policy-based access controls for APIs. Additionally, you can increase your ROI by leveraging any prior investments in identity and access management (IAM) tools or the NextLabs platform.

Similarly, the NextLabs platform can itself be used as a microservice. For instance, NextLabs’ CloudAz and SkyDRM services can each be utilized within larger, more complex applications – providing you the same granular access controls made available for APIs – with the added benefit of being able to scale seamlessly in lockstep with your evolving IT requirements.

Streamlined policy management Reduce the number of policy changes needed on the gateway to access backend web services
Better performance Increase performance with access decisions made prior to downstream calls to backend web services
Simplified access control Externalize authorization management to simplify and reduce the time spent on administering access control policies
Enhanced business agility React more rapidly to changes in business requirements, market conditions, or regulatory environment since policy changes can be made without requiring code changes or application downtime
Higher ROI by leveraging existing IT investments Lower your total cost of ownership as you can leverage your existing investment in the NextLabs platform
Reduced compliance costs Reduce the cost of compliance through more efficient and cost-effective monitoring and audit of your data