Digital Rights Management for SAP

NextLabs Enterprise Digital Rights Management solution applies data protection to all file types so organizations can share their critical information internally and throughout the extended enterprise with the proper level of security. Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) for SAP gives the same level of protection to SAP data to ensure that as data leaves the SAP application, it is continually protected.

NextLabs EDRM offers protection for any file type, including Office, CAD, source code and rich media. Files are classified, encrypted, and then policies are applied to determine access rights. Protection is automatically applied upon upload and download and then users access protected documents seamlessly through the SAP interface.

The solution for SAP also protects structured business data in transactions when it leaves ERP systems. This includes master data and transactional data that is accessed in SAP through transactions, reports, data dictionary, table browsers, smart forms and queries. The system classifies the data through a set of policies and encrypts the content as it is being downloaded and saved as a local file (in any format) or as it is sent to the SAP inbox. The controls to classify and rights protect the files are applied through a central decision point.

NextLabs has integrated Rights Management into the application layer in order to make protection automatic. SAP customers can leverage their existing classifications to facilitate implementation. Protection happens immediately when the information is uploaded to or downloaded from the application – whether on premise or in the cloud.

*Note: SAP resells this product under the name SAP Enterprise Digital Rights Management by NextLabs. For more information, click here.

Automated or User Driven The solution provides a variety of ways to apply rights protections including user-driven, event-driven, workflow-driven, and batch mode to address organizational requirements while still giving flexibility to the end user if required.
Structured and Unstructured Data Protection The solution protects data in documents and files, as well as structured data in transactions when it leaves the system. This includes master data and transactional data that is accessed in SAP.
Deep Integration NextLabs has developed deep integration with the SAP ERP application object model and core business process transactions to incorporate digital rights management into the ERP application layer.
Fine Grained Access Controls SAP EDRM is based on our Dynamic Authorization technology, which grants access rights dynamically based on attribute-based rules and policies. Relevant information about who, what, when, where and how are considered before granting access requests.
End to End Protection Data security is extended throughout the lifecycle by protecting critical information upon upload and download. Organizations can be assured that some of their most critical information, which resides in SAP ERP and other applications, is automatically secure as it moves around the enterprise and extended network. Security is no longer dependent on end user discretion.
Regulatory Compliance Policies are defined by regulatory requirements and are automatically enforced based on classification so organizations adhere to regulations regardless of user actions.
Transparent to the End User Users are not aware of any changes in their application nor do they have to change their behavior. Rights protection can be applied without the user having to take any action or can be initiated by the user directly based on policy.
Comprehensive Reporting You can track all user activity to analyze patterns and trends. Insight into user behavior can facilitate business process adjustments or result in necessary changes in policies.