Digital Rights Management for Cloud Apps

NextLabs SkyDRM enables secure collaboration between partners, vendors, and customers – no matter if they are inside or outside your organization.  SkyDRM uses encryption, identity, and authorization policies to secure files stored in popular SaaS applications such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.  You can apply digital rights to the files being shared and control recipients’ usage permissions.

Dynamic Authorization Utilizes dynamic authorization to determine access rights in real-time
Automated Rights Protection Uses encryption, identity, and authorization policies to secure files. Apply digital rights to the files being shared. Control usage permissions of the recipients.
Secure Viewing in Browser View protected data via any HTML5-compatible browser
Offline Access Enable users to access SkyDRM across iOS and Android mobile devices and Windows and MacOS desktops and to view documents offline.
Integration with Cloud Storage Providers    
Federated Identities Supports federated identities where each business partner maintains their own user identity, user attributes, and changes in user status.
SDKs Integrate your own custom apps into the NextLabs platform.
Secure Collaboration Enable secure sharing across multi-tier supply chains.
Protection of Sensitive Data Protect data across multiple repositories. View, protect, and share secured files stored anywhere.
Enhanced Data Governance Record all operations on a file, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of your data governance program.
Single Pane of Glass Centrally manage and track documents that have been shared, enabling you to have a single pane of glass over the management and protection of all your sensitive documents.