Entitlement Management

Securing the Apps & Their Data

Organizations have struggled with securing applications for years, typically relying on a small set of trusted users to access systems from corporate-issued devices within the network.  Existing access control solutions were often hard-coded and relied on authorization models that were ill-equipped to meet today’s data security, privacy, and compliance requirements.  As a result, data breaches are almost the “new normal” whereby sensitive information is stolen, mishandled, or used for fraudulent purposes. Organizations thus are in need of a new approach to keep their most sensitive assets secure.

Dynamic Authorization Is the Secret Sauce

NextLabs Entitlement Management products help prevent data breaches by enhancing access controls to critical business applications and data.  Powered by a dynamic authorization platform, they provide organizations automated data classification, access control, data protection, and activity monitoring and reporting – enabling organizations to accelerate time to market and to rapidly meet their security and compliance objectives.

NextLabs offers three classes of Entitlement Management products: