Using Zero Trust Data-Centric Security to Address Business Needs

These days, data and application security spans several data silos – think ERP, CRM, document management systems, cloud apps, and even unstructured data – each managed by separate teams, using their own processes and tools. There’s no unified approach to enforcing security and compliance policies and identifying threats across these silos. Fragmentation is the norm, and at the end of the day, securing the data is very difficult and expensive to manage.

From a business standpoint, the above scenario hampers collaboration and slows down an organization’s ability to respond quickly to ever-changing business conditions. The net effect is that businesses risk compromising their valuable intellectual property or they fall out of compliance with myriad regulations that they’re subject to.

When taken in the context of cloud, mobile, Big Data, and analytics, organizations are finding it incredibly challenging to reconcile their business objectives with their security and compliance mandates. So, how do they tackle this balancing act?

NextLabs helps organizations strike that balance by providing solutions for key business challenges.

NIST Security Framework


Secure Partner Collaboration

Conflicts of Interest/SoD

Intellectual Property Protection

Audit Automation