Protect and Securely Share Critical IP

The high-tech sector is high profile target for cyber-attacks and insider abuse. They are home to very valuable highly engineered products – often leading-edge technologies that competitors and hackers would love to get their hands on. To add to this, Bring your own device(BYOD) policies often leave the information on these devices vulnerable.

Similar to other organizations, high tech companies work extensively with partners, geographically distributed development centers, and outsourced services to maintain equipment at their customers’ sites. High tech companies also have knowledge workers who have access to enormous amounts of confidential data stored in proprietary designs, including source code and application design files that need to be protected.

The NextLabs High-Tech Manufacturing solution enables businesses to:

  • Control internal and external information flow to avoid communication and collaboration that results in improper sharing or disclosure of company IP, customer or project information, or other sensitive data.
  • Ensure only people with proper qualifications associated with an equipment service or repair project in the field have access to the service and repair information – and then only for the time period, they need it to perform the work.
  • Enforce fine-grained policies to ensure only authorized users can share specific information with appropriate parties.
  • Ensure that all applicable contractual and regulatory compliance access control requirements are met.
  • Create consolidated reports on access activity to all sensitive data across the enterprise, discover and remediate access risks, to improve compliance with corporate and statutory policies governing access to sensitive data.

High tech manufacturing firms operate in a global environment with offshore operations, value chain partners, and clients. Secure collaboration in product development and throughout the product lifecycle is needed to maintain continuous product innovation, be responsive to changes in the market, and ensure that compliance and non-disclosure contractual requirements are met.

Intellectual Property, Contractual Agreements, and Customer Data Protection

  • Prevent users from distributing proprietary designs outside of the R&D project team.   This is especially important when early concept and design work is done in collaboration with university design consortiums or other similarly structured organizations.
  • Limit the sharing of trade secrets, product specifications, and other project details on a need-to-know basis.
  • Ensure that project data is stored in the appropriately protected repositories, accessible only to specified persons.
  • When projects are completed, automatically archive project files, and update user access privileges to prevent accidental sharing of data.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Automate the process supporting compliance with contracts, government regulations, and internal mandates by restricting access to confidential data to only those who are authorized to use it, accounting for differences in regional, national and international policies.
  • Log and report on all related data access and usage activities to demonstrate compliance.

End-to-end Data Protection and Monitoring

  • Data is protected when it is inside of the application and after it leaves the application and is being shared. Protection persists throughout the lifecycle of the data.
  • Centralized visibility enables organizations to prevent unintended sharing of data and maintain comprehensive reporting for audit and compliance purposes.
  • Allows only approved personnel (such as project managers) to copy, print, and download customer intellectual property; data is automatically encrypted.


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