Entitlement Management for PLM Applications

Organizations rely on their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) applications to streamline collaboration around product designs and engineering data. Additionally, collaboration takes place between projects teams that span different organizations and timezones.

Amidst this backdrop of confidential data and seamless collaboration lies the need to comply with strict regulations around intellectual property protection and compliance requirements. Companies have to adhere to these security and compliance mandates without slowing down on the innovation front.

This balancing act requires data-level access controls that give organizations the flexibility and granularity they need to ensure they can meet their security and compliance requirements without slowing down the business.

NextLabs’ solutions for PLM applications feature:

  • Attribute-Based Access Control
  • Externalized Authorization
  • Centralized Policy Management
  • Deep Application Integration
  • Automated Data Classification
  • Centralized Visibility & Control


Entitlement Manager for Dassault ENOVIA

Entitlement Manager for Dassault ENOVIA provides centralized authorization management of policies governing data access across ENOVIA PLM.

Entitlement Manager for PTC Windchill

Entitlement Manager for PTC Windchill provides enterprises with a centralized policy-driven solution to secure Windchill data both inside and outside of Windchill.