Entitlement Manager for PTC Windchill

Entitlement Manager for PTC Windchill extends the native authorization module by utilizing attributes about the user, the data, and the environment to enforce fine-grained access controls. This ensures that only authorized users have access to critical information across the product lifecycle – from early development through shipment.

Key Features
Seamless Integration Entitlement Manager for Windchill has out-of-the-box integration with all Windchill business objects, providing seamless fine-grained data-level access control.
Automated Data Classification Entitlement Manager simplifies and automates the classification of product data for proper data access control. When a classified document or engineering data is uploaded to Windchill, it automatically extracts the classification information and sets the classification metadata to the associated Windchill business objects.
Attribute Based Access Control Entitlement Manager extends the native Windchill authorization model beyond the use of roles to provide fine-grained access control based on attributes, such as nationality, confidentiality, export control jurisdiction, part family, vault, and current location. The use of attributes about who, what, when and where delivers better authorization decisions and requires far fewer policies to enforce the same level of security.
Centralized Management Policies are centrally managed to enable consistent enforcement across all systems and applications and streamline administration.
Comprehensive Visibility The solution provides an audit trail on the access and usage of critical product data and facilitates compliance and audit reporting.
Key Benefits
Improved Compliance Organizations improve compliance and governance programs by automating information controls for sensitive product data. The ability to enable fine-grained decisions ensures that data is restricted to proper access. This helps companies comply with ITAR, EAR and other product related regulations.
Application Security Entitlement Manager protects access to critical Windchill data so unauthorized users cannot view or share critical product information unless they have approval. This creates an additional level of control over important product IP.
Streamlines Administration NextLabs centralized policy-based solution significantly reduces the number of policies needed to enforce data and application access resulting in fewer policies to manage and making it fast and efficient to create/modify and deploy policies. Complexity associated with administering and maintaining a large number of permissions and roles is greatly reduced – resulting in a significant reduction in administrative costs.
Facilitates Audit & Compliance Reporting Data access in the application is tracked and reported to provide a full view of who is accessing what data, when, and what they are doing with it. Reports highlight unusual access patterns which should be investigated.