Always the Right Level of Application and Data Security

Until recently, siloed applications and rigid data access restrictions were the only ways to protect enterprise assets. Now, NextLabs lets you easily and flexibly secure applications and protect data wherever it goes. NextLabs data-centric security protection integrates Entitlement Management and Enterprise Digital Rights Management capabilities on a centralized policy management platform, enabling you to centrally enforce policies based on a wide range of attributes. NextLabs dynamically applies the correct combination of user and data attributes— on the fly—across all systems and applications to protect data wherever it resides or moves.


Entitlement Management

Control appropriate access and usage with fine-grained policy enforcement. Enable secure access to commercial and proprietary applications—in the cloud, across the enterprise, and on mobile devices.

Key Features

  • Integrated with leading cloud and enterprise apps for fast, easy deployment

  • Offers fine-grained, on-the-fly access control through Dynamic Authorization and ABAC

  • Can support custom applications through the use of an SDK

Rights Management

Protect sensitive files from unauthorized access—inside and outside of the enterprise. Now you can easily and securely share information with suppliers, partners, and mobile employees.

Key Features

  • Integrated with leading enterprise and cloud applications
  • Offers flexible client options
  • Transparent and automated rights protection eliminates need for user intervention


Control Center

Provides centralized policy management, visibility, and control for NextLabs Entitlement Management and Rights Management.

Key Features

  • Provides a flexible framework to create, manage, and automate compliance, governance, and data security policies
  • Integrates with existing identity infrastructures
  • Automates data classification to ensure appropriate protection based on content

Why Dynamic Authorization with Attribute Based Access Control?

Traditionally, access control has been based on a user’s identity in terms of roles or groups. This approach is often insufficient to adequately determine whether a user should really gain access to sensitive information. Dynamic authorization is a technology in which authorization and access rights to an organization’s sensitive assets are granted dynamically in real-time based on attribute-based rules and policies. Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) is a model for securing data and applications based on a wide range of subject attributes (such as user, computer, and application-specific data); environment attributes (such as time, connection type, location, or threat level); and resource attributes (such as data values, classification, or content). Using Dynamic Authorization with ABAC, organizations can create and automate policies using any combination of these attributes which results in more fine-grained decisions – gaining unprecedented flexibility and enhanced security.



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