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Digital Rights Management

Achieving the Balance: Sharing vs. Security

Across industries, companies are required to share and make information available across the extended enterprise. Information can no longer be contained within the network perimeter. Data resides in the cloud, on mobile devices, and with business partners. Users are requiring access to data anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

In today’s global economy, organizations need to collaborate with design partners as well as supply chain and contract manufactures and many others. In order to work effectively with partners, organizations need to share their most sensitive assets with external users.

The challenge: How can organizations safeguard information sharing to protect their intellectual property, trade secrets, and other critical data?


Protection Across the Extended Enterprise

NextLabs Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) is designed to protect data as it moves and is shared across today’s extended enterprise. With NextLabs data-centric security solution, any file type can be protected and accessed from any device to ensure secure collaboration. Users can access protected files through a web browser, mobile clients, or their native applications.

The solution can easily adapt to dynamic business situations and support ad hoc data sharing, while still allowing the organization to maintain centralized visibility and control of data sharing policies. Comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities track user activity, data sharing, and data access.

Easily set up ecosystems to accommodate complicated sharing requirements, such as:


Attribute-Based Access Control

The solution leverages information about the user, data and environment at the time of access. Unlike role-based controls that are static in nature, attribute-based access control (ABAC) enables the use of the most current information to make authorization decisions.

Integrated Security & Compliance

NextLabs can be used as a stand-alone solution and is also pre-integrated into leading cloud and enterprise applications for fast, easy deployment and a seamless user experience. Regulatory requirements are enforced by automatically applying the appropriate level of rights protection when documents are uploaded, created, and/or shared.

Centralized Policy Management

Organizations can centrally control the creation, enforcement, and management of security policies to protect documents and files across all applications and systems. This ensures that the most up-to-date policies are applied and enforced consistently across the enterprise.

Anywhere Access

Users can access protected documents from any device and through a variety of client options – rich client with native access, web browser, or mobile app.

Any File

Share valuable technical and business data typically stored in line-of-business applications, such as PLM, ERP, and SCM, including 2D & 3D CAD files and rich media.

Ad Hoc Sharing

Users can add rights protection to documents at the time of creation or upon upload with permission options that incorporate business and security policies.

Seamless Access

Users can access protected files and documents right in their native application without having to take additional steps. Documents and files are also automatically protected upon upload and download.

Flexible Client Options

Choose from a variety of client options depending on the sharing requirements, including rich client, web browser, and mobile access.

Industry Standards

NextLabs uses industry standards, including eXtensible Access Control MarkUp Language (XACML) and military-grade encryption.

Secure Information Sharing

Rights Management enables collaboration within the enterprise and with external parties while maintaining control over IP, trade secrets, and other sensitive information.

Centralized Monitoring & Reporting

The solution provides a centralized UI to monitor and manage system components and rules. It provides reports based on the rule-based scan results on the distribution of classified data across your file repositories.

Policy-driven Batch Classification

Our solution automatically classifies files based on complex rules using keyword matching and metadata search. It combines keyword search in specified parts of documents, such as headers, footers, and body text, with metadata to reduce false positives and false negatives.

Rights Protection

The solution automatically applies rights protection to the selected files based on rules. It supports any file type, including Microsoft Office, PDF, CAD, and image files.

Automated Organization of Data

Using predefined rules, the tool enables you to automatically organize your legacy data into certain classified directories using actions such as move, copy, delete, and label files. It enhances compliance with regulatory mandates or corporate record governance rules by automatically segregating data and ensuring appropriate data residency.

Bulk Scanning

The system is designed to support faster scanning of large file repositories with terabytes of data, and it supports incremental scans when there is a change in the file system. This ensures continual coverage of your file system and that data is always properly classified.

Extensible Framework

The product provides an extensible framework by adding plugins to support additional actions, file types, and content repositories.

Key Enterprise Applications Supported

Rights Management for SAP is deeply integrated into SAP applications. It provides automatic protection of SAP information upon upload and download and protects both structured and unstructured data, including master and transactional data. Protection can be added in batch mode or ad hoc to accommodate changing business requirements. The solution uses the same attribute-based access controls across applications and systems to provide consistent enforcement across the entire enterprise.

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NextLabs provides full rights protection for all documents stored in SharePoint. Documents are automatically protected based on policy and requirements at the time of upload or download. The same ABAC policies that are applied to documents in SharePoint follow the document as it is downloaded. SharePoint tags the user and which site or library the document is uploaded to, based on content. Users can also view the protected content through the browser without having to download the document.

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NextLabs provides an integrated solution to dynamically control access to critical product and engineering data in Teamcenter and to provide rich collaboration capabilities. The solution supports native Siemens formats such as PRT and JT, as well as other formats including 2D & 3D CAD, source code, DWG, and JPEG.

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Rights Management for Windchill applies persistent protection for all document types. Protection is integrated natively with Windchill to provide protection when the data leaves the application.

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