Industry-leading Security Solutions
to Protect Critical Data & Applications

Our comprehensive data-centric security platform helps you identify and protect critical data, monitor and control access to the data, and prevent security violations caused by information sharing, external breaches and internal misuse.

The NextLabs Approach

Dynamic Authorization

Authorization and access rights to an organization’s assets are granted dynamically in real-time based on a user’s attributes, such as certifications, IP address, group, department, or employee status. Decisions on access are based on information that is available to systems across an organization, or among organizations, about a person, the action they want to execute, and the resource they want to access. It allows centralized management of permissions for multiple systems from a single platform, reducing administrative burden.

Deep Application Integration

NextLabs has deep integration with key business applications—on premise and in the cloud. Integrations with SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, Siemens Teamcenter and others allow our solutions to work natively in these applications resulting in automatic enforcement of security policies across the enterprise. NextLabs is the only commercially available dynamic authorization solution endorsed by these companies.

Protect Both Data & Applications

The only commercially available complete data-centric security solution to secure applications and protect documents with a single centrally managed attribute-based policy platform. The solution automates all aspects of data security so organizations can identify, protect, monitor and control all of their critical business data.

Industry Contributions

NextLabs is very involved with the industry standards organizations and helps drive policy and implementation frameworks. Some of these organizations include NIST National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, Oasis for XACML, Apache/Open AZ and TSCP. Participation in the organizations keeps NextLabs at the forefront of the latest technologies that can be used to prevent security violations.

Intellectual Property

NextLabs has deep intellectual property in the area of data-centric security being one of the pioneers in the field. The company holds over 40 patents and has 30 patents pending.