Updated July 14, 2023

What is SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a popular collaborative and document management platform with over 200 million users. Organizations use SharePoint to store and share files, data, and resources. This platform allows collaboration to take place inside and outside of the organization, and across multiple devices. SharePoint has enabled many organizations to streamline and automate workflow processes thus improving business agility.

Why do we need to ensure secure collaboration in SharePoint?

Secure collaboration in SharePoint

As organizations use SharePoint to connect their employees with the tools and data they work with, challenges may arise, and could hinder the data security in SharePoint if data is not properly managed.  

SharePoint contains some of the most valuable information of the organization, such as intellectual property. This includes trade secrets, development research, and transactional data. When collaborating, internal employees are bound to share files with the extended enterprise such as partners, customers, and multi-level supply chain. The sensitive information may inadvertently be shared with unauthorized individuals, especially in a collaborative environment. 

In these situations, organizations may become vulnerable to data breaches or cyberattacks if data security is compromised. It is therefore imperative for organizations to maintain a balance between information sharing and security in order to ensure secure collaboration in SharePoint. However, how can organizations ensure minimal risk while sharing information? 

How to ensure secure collaboration in SharePoint? 

Organizations can implement digital rights management (DRM) solutions to ensure that the information stored in SharePoint does not fall into the wrong handsNextLabs SkyDRM Digital Rights Management for SharePoint is a DRM solution which enables intellectual property to be protected and shared securely as rights protection is added to the documents. This ensures that only the authorized users are permitted to access the documents, regardless of who is sharing the information.  

In addition, digital rights management for SharePoint also ensures that the data in SharePoint is protected persistently by the same policy throughout the data lifecycle. The automatic and seamless protection of data, with centrally managed access control policies, makes it easy for organizations to deploy and manage policies across the enterprise. As a result, organizations can ensure that their critical information is safeguarded during collaboration, while lowering management costs. 

To watch how NextLabs SkyDRM Digital Rights Management for SharePoint can protect files and ensure secure collaboration in SharePoint, please view this video:

3 functionalities of NextLabs SkyDRM Digtial Rights Management for SharePoint featured in this video: 

  1. Configure SkyDRM for SharePoint Rights Protection Settings 
  2. Integrated UI for User-Initiated Rights Protection of Files in SharePoint 
  3. Access and View Rights Protected Documents in SharePoint