Dynamic Runtime Data Access Level Policy Enforcement

NextLabs Data Access Enforcer for SAP (DAE for SAP) provides dynamic data-level security controls and fine-grained data access governance for SAP applications. Through NextLabs’ patented Dynamic Authorization platform, organizations can leverage attribute-based policy and centralized policy management to improve their security and compliance posture for SAP. DAE for SAP enforces data-level security controls – such as field-level dynamic data masking and record level data segregation and monitors data access activity directly from within the data access layer of the SAP S/4 HANA and SAP ECC.

DAE for SAP complements SAP Dynamic Authorization Management (SAP DAM), which operates at the application layers of the SAP S/4 HANA and SAP ECC. DAE is UI, API, microservice, batch job, report, Transaction, and Fiori app independent – and will support any UI with a single set of policies within a single solution.

DAE for SAP prevents unauthorized access to sensitive SAP data through fine-grained data-level security controls, protecting data and addressing compliance requirements at the same time. DAE for SAP enables employees and external partners to share critical information and collaborate in business processes to improve workforce productivity and business agility.


DAE for SAP is a policy-driven data-centric security solution that uses dynamic authorization to enforce data-level entitlement and data security controls natively to protect SAP data in real-time. Benefits include the following:


Protect Sensitive Data

Leverage an SAP data-model aware and transactional data access level enforcement system to control data manipulation operations and protect data across all SAP applications. DAE for SAP’s policies control authorized operations on business-critical data and mask and filter sensitive data based on attributes such as data classification, environmental information, user roles and metadata, location, and client system.

Ensure and Streamline Compliance

Create information barriers to segregate regulated data or confidential projects to avoid data spills or contamination. Manage, educate, enforce, and audit access policies to sensitive corporate data to ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR, ITAR/EAR, and SOX. Automate the process of auditing authorization and data access to demonstrate compliance to auditors, regulators, and customers. Provides comprehensive visibility about who is accessing what data and when, identifies anomalies before they become major breaches, and monitors and tracks events for audit, oversight, and investigation.

Improve Business Agility

Works natively with SAP and manages authorization logic through an externalized, standards-based policy framework. This slashes application development time and automates change management processes, enhancing business agility.

Reduce security and compliance management costs

Eliminate the need to implement and maintain costly customizations to meet security, compliance, and governance requirements. Attribute-driven dynamic authorization eliminates the need to maintain multiple SAP instances or manage individual authorization or user groups.