Updated July 30, 2023

Most organizations face the challenge of securing data, which is complicated when operating with a global workforce. Enterprises need to protect sensitive information to maintain compliance, protect against data breaches, prevent leakage of business data, and block cyberattacks.

Organizations must define and enforce data access security policies to protect sensitive information and ensure data privacy. Policies should allow access to data on a “need-to-know” basis, allowing users to access data for which they are authorized while blocking access to data they are not authorized to view.

The NextLabs Data Access Security Solution

NextLabs’ Data Access Security solution, Data Access Enforcer (DAE) protects and ensures the privacy of business-critical data with dynamic data masking and segregation controls. Organizations can prevent unauthorized access to business-critical data through fine grained data-level security controls, protecting data and addressing compliance requirements all at once. DAE provides record-level dynamic data filtering that segregates information with attribute-based policies, shielding data from unauthorized users. In addition, with dynamic data masking, DAE ensures that users can only view the fields on records to which they have been granted access. Authorization can be determined by user, data, and environmental attributes, such as industry, location, department, position, and/or project assignment.

With dynamic data masking and segregation, DAE enables organizations to control access to sensitive data, limiting it to the correct stake holders in a simple and efficient manner. It also provides a seamless user experience and enhances organizations’ business agility by allowing them to react rapidly to changes in business requirements, market conditions, and regulatory environments while reducing security and compliance management costs.

DAE supports a broad range of applications and databases to protect and safeguard sensitive information in big data applications, such as:

  • DAE for Database: SAP HANA, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL & MariaDB
  • DAE for Cloud DB: Azure SQL, AWS RDS, AWS Aurora, AWS Redshift, Google Cloud SQL, Google BigQuery
  • DAE for BI: PowerBI, Azure Data Studio, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), HANA Studio, Crystal Reports, Tableau, Oracle SQL
  • DAE for Windows: Windows-based applications
  • DAE for ODBC and JDBC: ODBC and JDBC based applications

For more information on Data Access Security and Data Access Enforcer, please view our Data Access Security Page, DAE Website, DAE Data Sheet, and DAE Suite Press Release.

To learn more on how DAE solves common business problems, watch this video.