NextLabs announced the release of Digital Rights Management (DRM) Platform SkyDRM 2021 on November 15th, 2021. The latest version of the enterprise DRM platform employs dynamic authorization and centralized policy management to protect shared files and streamline collaboration between enterprises.

SkyDRM fills a critical need to safeguard information sharing for companies with needs to exchange trade secrets and crown jewel data with external users and business partners. SkyDRM ensures protection stays with the files, regardless of where they are stored or who they are shared with.

SkyDRM determines whether files can be accessed, viewed, edited, printed, or reshared through attribute-based policy, effectively decreasing the possibility of a breach when collaborating. It also applies flexible protection actions, such as encryption, access restrictions and visual markings.

Further, SkyDRM can apply centrally managed policy to gain more control over critical files, including the ability to track and verify access to shared files and be alerted when an unauthorized access attempt is made. Access to shared files can also be set to have an expiration date and can be revoked on the fly when necessary. The ability to apply this centrally managed policy lowers administrative costs and risk of data loss.

Key additions to SkyDRM 2021 include dynamic authorization with attribute-driven policy, deep application integration and native application support, cross enterprise collaboration features, and increased support for CAD files and improved UI/UX features.

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