NextLabs Releases Global Data Access Security Suite 2022 

Adding major dynamic data masking and segregation enhancements, including format preserving encryption (FPE), enhanced database support, and awareness of primary and foreign key relationships 

San Mateo, Calif. – September 5th, 2022- NextLabs today announced enhancements to its Data Access Enforcer (DAE) product line, making it an even more comprehensive solution for today’s data security challenges for the digital enterprise. DAE helps NextLabs customers control access to data through flexible policies that are dynamically enforced at runtime, allowing those policies to be enforced regardless of how the data is being accessed.   

Some of the notable capabilities of DAE are field-level dynamic data masking and record level data filtering. Both features ensure only those with authorization can view the fields and/or records they have been granted access to. All of DAE’s policies are powered by NextLabs’ attribute-based policy engine, which controls access to data based on attributes of the data being accessed, the context of the request, and user identity. Policies are evaluated in real-time to segregate and/or mask protected data based on the current value of those attributes. These policies are centrally managed with activity logs that can be audited across all organization’s applications to simplify administration. The enhancements added in this release take these key strengths and make them even more powerful.   

With this latest release, DAE added the following functionality: 

  • Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) when applying field level masking 
  • Awareness of the Primary and Foreign Key relationship 
  • More rapid deployment with simplified configuration and improved out-of-the-box integrations 
  • Support for containerization to accelerate deployment and reduce maintenance 
  • Row-level enforcement of insert/delete/update/select commands based on policy 
  • Policy-based enforcement of table creation or deletion 
  • Configurable user messages when policy enforcement restricts access to sensitive data 
  • Incorporation of user geolocation attributes in data access policies 
  • Certification of support for AWS RDS, Google Cloud SQL, and Azure SQL. 

When implementing data access security policies across applications, organizations face the challenge of implementing the protection independent of UI and application without breaking the applications.  With this release of DAE, NextLabs addresses this challenge with its enhanced FPE support and built-in awareness of the relationships between primary and foreign keys.  When combined with DAE’s centrally managed policies that determine who, what, when, where, and how, to mask and filter field(s) based on attributes in real-time, organizations can prevent unauthorized access, protect data, and address compliance requirements all with a single solution. DAE’s outofthebox (OOTB) support for enterprise applications and databases allows this to be implemented with minimal impact to the existing systems and operations.  

The enhancements in this release are now available across all of NextLabs’ suite of DAE products: 

  • DAE for SAP ECC and S/4HANA 
  • DAE for SAP HANA 
  • DAE for Windows 
  • DAE for Linux 
  • DAE for Oracle 
  • DAE for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL 
  • DAE for PostgreSQL 
  • DAE for Google BigQuery 

DAE’s container-based architecture and OOTB integrations offer seamless user experience, without customization and changing the way application is used; providing fast time to value and ease of deployment. Advantages of NextLabs DAE include:   

  • Support any database and any applications to offer a wide range of data access coverage – earning DAE the quickest to deploy and easiest to use data protection and data privacy solution  
  • Support field-level dynamic data masking and encryption, record-level filtering and segregation, and attribute-based access control of database operations all within a single product.  
  • FPE and primary and foreign key awareness to allow for implementation with minimal impact on existing systems and integrations 
  • Powered by industry leading dynamic authorization and attribute-based Policy Engine to enforce policies in real-time without custom code – significantly lower cost of management and rapid time to value to offer enterprises ability to keep up with the rapidly evolving data security needs.   
  • DAE tracks and stores user activities and data access across applications in a central audit server simplifying compliance management. Analytics for user behavior and access patterns are provided via dashboards, reports, and automated monitoring facilities.  

“Our mission is to make it possible for organizations to implement their data security and data governance requirements as quickly and with as little customization as possible,” said Keng Lim, CEO and Founder of NextLabs.  “With the enhancements added in this DAE release, we make it even easier for organizations to protect data and implement complex data privacy requirements with minimal changes to their existing enterprise applications.”  

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NextLabs provides data-centric security solutions to protect business-critical data and applications. Its patented policy-driven dynamic authorization platform helps enterprises identify and protect data, monitor and control access to sensitive data, and help prevent regulatory violations—whether in the cloud or on-premises. NextLabs’ solutions automate the enforcement of security controls and compliance policies to enable secure information sharing across the extended enterprise. NextLabs has some of the largest global enterprises as customers and has strategic relationships with several industry leaders. For more information on NextLabs, please visit