NextLabs Product Update – August 2022

Summary for SkyDRM line of products

Powered by Dynamic Authorization policy engine, SkyDRM – NextLabs’ Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) solution, enables secure collaboration and sharing of sensitive documents flowing through internal and external business processes. SkyDRM provides persistent protection and enforcement of access and usage controls on files stored across file stores, enterprise applications, cloud services, and endpoints.

NextLabs recently extended many of its SkyDRM capabilities to improve functionality and user experience for intellectual property protection, secure collaboration, and dynamic file access control. Enhancements are seen on the SkyDRM platform, along with its Teamcenter, Microsoft Office, SAP, Bentley ProjectWise, and various CAD integrations via the Rights Management Extensions (RMX).

Improvements to the product and its integration include new functionality such as dynamic attribute provider, AutoCAD, Bentley ProjectWise and MicroStation integration, along with extended policy enforcement across applications and container-based deployment. Automatic file protection helps eliminate manual errors and ensures data is safeguarded when in use, at rest, and in motion. These updates improve usability, enhance access rights enforcement across the organization and supply chain to protect data persistently regardless of where it resides.

Enhancements and new functionalities to SkyDRM and its integrations include:

SkyDRM Server

  • Added support for Dynamic Attribute Provider (DAP), allowing attributes to be retrieved dynamically from any external attribute sources (PIP) for real time policy evaluation.
  • Enhanced manageability and container-based deployment
    • Improved SkyDRM web-based Admin Console UI and usability.
    • Added support to deploy SkyDRM Server (RMS) container in a Kubernetes cluster using Kubernetes manifest.
  • Refreshed FIPS 140-2 support
  • Extended policy enforcement capability to support:
    • Device and application-based policy to grant access by device and application in addition to user account.
    • Screen capture rights to grant user permission to capture screen or share screen through the communication tool, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

SkyDRM Web App

  • Improved SkyDRM Web Application UI and workflow for better user experience
  • Added “In-Place Protection” feature.
  • Added “Add File To” feature in SkyDRM Project and Workspace.
  • Enhanced Web Viewer with server-side rendering.

SkyDRM Desktop

  • Enhanced SkyDRMFolder feature to classify and protect file automatically when file is copied or moved to the folder.
  • Extended the SanctuaryFolder – a secure sandbox in the local file system feature to only allow users with the authorized applications to access the files in the sandbox.

RPT – Rule-based automatic Rights Protection service

  • Added support for execution frequency.
  • Added support for configurable folder pathname pattern in protection rule.

Teamcenter Integration

  • Added support for Teamcenter Supplier Collaboration Foundation (SCF).
  • Automatically protect files during the check-in and check-out process.
  • Support synchronization of metadata with dataset in Teamcenter.
  • Protect files based on ADA license and Teamcenter organization and access rules.

Microsoft Office Integration 

  • Protect and unprotect Microsoft Office files based on Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) sensitivity label. 
  • Added support for security overlay with dynamic watermark on protected file. 
  • Inherit DRM protection on the output file of the “Print to File”. 

SAP PLM & ECTR Integration 

  • Extended support for SAP ECTR 5.1 & 5.2. 
  • Enhanced protection on download.  
  • Added support for assembly files and multi-CAD.  

Bentley ProjectWise Integration (New) 

  • Support full DRM capability. 
  • Support batch protection of files stored in ProjectWise. 
  • Enforce access and usage permission on DRM protected file. 
  • Automatically protect file uploaded into ProjectWise by ProjectWise Explorer, Web Client, and MicroStation. 
  • Preserve file’s MIME type, reference, and dependency. 
  • Support full text indexing, thumbnail extraction, file property extraction on the protected file. 

CAD Integration 

  • Add support for: 
    • TCCS (Teamcenter Client Communication System). 
    • Classify and protect in unmanaged mode. 
    • Anti-screen capture. 
    • Creo JT Dispatch. 
  • Updated support for the following CAD tools: 
    • CATIA RMX 
    • PTC Creo RMX 
    • Siemens NX RMX 
    • SolidWorks RMX 
  • AutoCAD RMX (New
    • Protect file stores locally and on ProjectWise. 
    • Support full DRM capability. 
    • Enforce access and usage permission on DRM protected file 
    • Anti-screen capture 
    • Support security overlay with dynamic watermark on protected file. 
  • MicroStation RMX (New) 
    • Protect file stores locally and on ProjectWise. 
    • Support full DRM capability. 
    • Enforce access and usage permission on DRM protected file 
    • Anti-screen capture 
    • Support security overlay with dynamic watermark on protected file.