NextLabs® Granted Three Additional Patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for Mitigating Exposure to Information Risk, Cyber Threats and Attacks, Internal Abuse and Intellectual Property Theft

Patents Awarded for Secure Information Sharing and Preventing External Breaches Using Dynamic Authorization to Protect Critical Business Information

SAN MATEO, CA — May 24, 2016 — NextLabs, a leading provider of data-centric security software to protect business critical data and applications announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted three additional patents (patent nos. 9,253,216; 9,298,895; and 9,311,503) to the company. The patents were granted for enhancing capabilities of the policy-based authorization platform to automate the enforcement of business and security policies consistently across the enterprise to protect data and make information sharing more secure.

Keng Lim, Founder & CEO of NextLabs, emphasized the importance of ensuring that sensitive business information is continually protected while sharing with employees, partners and suppliers.  “Enterprises are facing demand from their global and mobile workforces to access the right information whenever it is needed. Chief Information and Compliance Officers are resolved to protect data shared globally against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks,” said Lim.  “To enable enterprises to operate and compete effectively in a highly dynamic global environment, NextLabs provides the knowledge and capability to continually supply new authorization and data security technologies to mitigate information risk allowing organizations to secure sensitive information against internal and external threats.”

The US Patent Office granted the following patents to NextLabs:

  • Techniques of transforming policies to enforce control in an information management system (9,253,216)
  • Preventing conflicts of interests between two or more groups using applications (9,298,895)
  • Detecting behavioral patterns and anomalies using activity data (9,311,503)

With the addition of these three patents, NextLabs maintains a growing portfolio of thirty eight approved and thirty pending patents covering the following core areas:

  • ABAC, fine-grained and attribute-based dynamic authorization
  • User and workflow remediation
  • Dynamic policy, policy optimization, real-time policy enforcement
  • Implementation and deployment of extensible and universal authorization services
  • Policy violation and information risk analytics

To view the entire patent collection, please visit NextLabs Patents.


NextLabs®, Inc. provides data-centric security software to protect business critical data and applications. Our patented dynamic authorization technology and industry leading attribute-based policy platform helps enterprise identify and protect data, monitor and control access to sensitive data, and prevent violations and comply with regulations – whether in the cloud or on-premises. The software automates enforcement of security controls and compliance policies to enable secure information sharing across the extended enterprise and to prevent security and regulatory violations. NextLabs has some of the largest global enterprises as customers and strategic relationships with industry leaders such as SAP, Siemens, Microsoft, and IBM. For more information on NextLabs, please visit