Digital Rights Management for PTC Windchill

EDRM for Windchill

NextLabs Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) applies digital rights protection that follows content no matter where it goes so organizations can share their critical information internally, in the cloud, and throughout the extended enterprise with the proper level of security controls. With EDRM for Windchill, this level of protection is integrated natively with Windchill to ensure that sensitive data extracted or taken out of Windchill is continually protected.

Sensitive documents are automatically protected upon upload or download, and as they are shared. Automating protection takes the burden away from end users who may forget to apply rights protection or may not apply the right policies. Users are able to apply rights protection on an ad hoc basis when needed.

NextLabs EDRM for Windchill offers protection to content produced in Microsoft Office applications as well as virtually all other file formats, including 2D and 3D CAD and PDF. It handles both primary and secondary content for any business object.

Automated Data Classification The Rights Management solution can leverage existing classifications from Windchill or automatically classify documents according to business policy. Upon upload or download, the document automatically extracts the classification information from the business object and sets the classification metadata into the document.
Access and Usage Controls Organizations can specify what capabilities a certain class of user is able to perform based on very granular information and apply controls to the access. This includes limiting access to parts of the document; enabling only certain privileges such as print, copy or edit; including time-based access; applying dynamic watermarks and preventing screen capture.
Any File Format Rights protection capabilities can be applied to any file type including data in 2D & 3D CAD, source code, DWG, GIF, JPEG, Adobe and Microsoft Office documents. And, users can access these protected files from any device.
Multiple Client Options You can access the solution from a variety of client options – rich client installed on the desktop, web browser, or mobile app. Partners do not have to download client software in order to view confidential information making it easy to scale.
Centralized Visibility The solution provides centralized monitoring and reporting on data use to get full visibility to IP data sharing.
Secure Information Sharing Enable product data to be securely shared between design partners, suppliers, foreign employees, joint ventures and customers worldwide by providing policy-driven protection and end-to-end audit trail.
Improved Compliance Improve compliance and governance programs by automating information controls for sensitive product data with a comprehensive audit trail.
Complete Data Protection Protect sensitive product data by controlling access and usage as data move across PLM, CAD and Visualization systems. Protect data regardless of where it is – in public cloud and SaaS applications or on the move.
Rapid Deployment and Adoption Deep integration and zero based client install allows for rapid deployment among the extended partner network.