Digital Rights Management for Bentley ProjectWise

To Support Infrastructure Engineering Ecosystems Working from Home, Bentley Systems Opens Up Full Access to ProjectWise 365 and Waives Subscription Fees through September 30 | Business WireNextLabs Enterprise Digital Rights Management for Bentley ProjectWise is an integrated solution that automatically encrypts files before they can be shared with employees, suppliers, or partners. The encrypted wrapper includes security labels from ProjectWise that are used to determine the rights of users to access the data. Authorized users can open, view, and even modify the protected files using the native MicroStation and AutoCAD application. Data owners get full visibility into how their data is being shared, accessed, and used.

Automated Rights Protection Sensitive documents and files are encrypted and tagged before they leave ProjectWise ensuring that users cannot inadvertently share IP with unauthorized users – without manual intervention. Rights are determined by attribute-based policies that leverage relevant information about the request.
Access and Usage Controls Organizations can specify and control what capabilities a certain class of user is able to perform based on very granular information. This includes limiting access to portions of the document; enabling only certain privileges such as print, copy or edit; enforcing time-based access; applying dynamic watermarks; and preventing screen capture.  Permissions can be granted based on existing ProjectWise user-lists.
Supported File Formats Rights protection capabilities can be applied to any file type, including DGN, DWG, GIF, JPEG, Adobe and Microsoft Office documents.  Protected files work consistently with ProjectWise, MicroStation, and AutoCAD functionality.
Multiple Client Options Users can access the solution from a variety of client options – rich clients installed on the desktop, web browsers, mobile apps, and offline access.  This includes support for ProjectWise, MicroStation, AutoCAD, and ProjectWise Web Gateway.
Centralized Visibility Data owners get full visibility into how their data is being shared, accessed, and used.
Safeguard Information Sharing Extend and control access to valuable IP downloaded from ProjectWise to achieve end-to-end protection for product data on the move.
Protect Data On-Premises or in the Cloud EDRM for Bentley ProjectWise protects data regardless of where it is, including in a public cloud or in SaaS applications.
Rapid Deployment and Adoption Deep integration and zero-based client install allows for rapid deployment across an extended supply chain.
Enhanced Compliance Strict regulatory requirements can be met through the automatic application of security controls. Monitoring usage provides insight into potential problems before they occur.
Rich Collaboration Users can edit the most sophisticated ProjectWise files in the native application and collaborate on design with full rights enabled for third parties.