SkyDRM for iManage

NextLabs SkyDRM for iManage applies Enterprise Digital Rights Management (E-DRM) to extend security and usage controls to files downloaded from iManage to achieve end-to-end protection for sensitive data at rest and on the move.

SkyDRM for iManage can automatically protect valuable files at rest inside of iManage Cloud and on-premises with a security envelope using DRM. The security envelope includes security labels (i.e. client and matter) from iManage. The combination of security labels (client and matter) and user groups in an IDP (e.g. Azure AD) are used to determine the rights of the users dynamically in real time to access the data. Based on the permission granted by the policy engine, authorized users can open, view, and even modify the DRM protected files using Microsoft Office and other native applications after the users check-out the files from iManage. After a user has modified the protected file in local drive, the user can check-in the file seamlessly into iManage. Data owners get full visibility into how their data is being shared, accessed, and used at rest and in transit.

Automated Rights Protection Automated rights protection encrypts and tags valuable files managed in iManage with predefined rules. The security labels inherit classification such as client and matter values from iManage. Protection stays with the files regardless of where those files are located and where they travel to – inside and outside of iManage.
Access and Usage Controls Access and usage controls over files, such as limiting access, editing, printing, copying, screen capture, and enforcing time-based rights over protected files inside and outside of iManage based on data classification (client and matter) and a user’s groups in an IDP.  These controls are dynamically enforced at the time of the request.
Native Application Integration Native integrations with Microsoft Office and other 3rd party applications in the iManage client. Enables a user to open, view, and edit the protected file with native applications after the user checks the protected files out of iManage if the user has the proper permissions.
Secure Viewer with Browser Secure viewing from any device with an HTML5-compatible browser. Supported file types include Microsoft Office documents, PDF, JPG, PNG, and a variety of file formats. The viewer provides a multitude of interactive visualization capabilities like Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Rotate.
Integration with iManage Work Indexer Allow iManage Work Indexer to index the protected files in iManage with metadata contents and thumbnail image.
Monitoring and Reporting Monitoring and reporting of data use for full visibility on the usage and sharing of critical data.
Anti-Screen Capture Design screen cannot be captured by a screenshot tool or shared by video communication software without the proper rights.
Secure Information Sharing Automatically protect the files in iManage with client and matter security labels from iManage. Extend the protection to downloaded/checked out files. Enable documents to be securely shared between employees, customers, external suppliers, and partners by providing policy-driven protection and an end-to-end audit trail.
Improved Compliance Improve compliance and governance programs by automating information controls for sensitive documents in iManage with a comprehensive audit trail.
Complete Data Protection Protect sensitive document in iManage by controlling the access and usage of the files shared with internal and external users with Microsoft Office and native applications based on the security labels (client and matter) from iManage and a user’s groups in an IDP. Protect document regardless of where it is – inside or outside of iManage.
Rapid Deployment and Adoption Deep integration and zero code client install allows for rapid deployment among the extended partner network.