Data Loss Prevention for SAP ERP

Sensitive data such as intellectual property, trade secrets, financial data, sales forecasts, customer lists, and pricing are among an organization’s most prized assets. With so many devices (corporate-owned and BYOD) having access to this sensitive data, it has become absolutely imperative for organizations to develop programs and solutions around the prevention of data breaches or data loss. Data loss can happen in a variety of ways, be it the inadvertent or intentional sending of data via USB, the Internet, or other such vehicle for data exfiltration.

NextLabs Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for SAP ECC and S/4HANA enables organizations to prevent data loss or leakage from critical SAP ERP applications.

Data Leak Prevention Prevent data leakage from all exit points of the SAP ERP application
Centralized Policy Management Prevent unauthorized extractions of sensitive data based on a centrally managed policy
Centralized Audit and Monitoring Monitor and log the extraction of critical data based on policy
Automated Data Classification Automatically tag files containing data extracted from the SAP ERP application with user, persona, transaction, classification, and business object attributes
Native SAP Integrations Integrate natively with SAP GUI, SAP ECC, and S/4HANA
Support for Third-Party DLP Solutions Support integrations with third-party DLP solutions and Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP)