Automating IT and Security Controls to Strengthen Cyber Defense and Improve Compliance

Digital transformations affect many aspects of business operations carried out by enterprises, the way in which they interact with their customers, their strategies to stay competitive within the industry, and their overall efficiency. The digitization of enterprise systems brings new attack surfaces which can have a significant negative impact on organization if not adequately defended, monitored, and responded to when threats emerge. To successfully protect against automated attacks, it is essential to incorporate automation into cybersecurity efforts. Automation levels the playing field, reduces the volume of threats, and allows for faster prevention of new and previously unknown threats. When it comes to cybersecurity, just like with most internal controls, automation often makes things easier, faster, and less prone to mistakes; allowing organizations to focus resources on solving more complex problems and implementing controls to address new business requirements. Automating your IT and security controls can enable your organization to navigate the modern business environment without putting your data at risk and exposing it to cyberattacks. Implementing cybersecurity and internal control automation in an organization is an important and reliable mechanism to protect your enterprise and, at the same time, ensure maximum defense through repeatable and robust processes.

In this webinar we will cover:

– The overlap between cybersecurity and internal controls

– An overview of leading practices and solutions to automate internal controls and cyber defense

– A unified approach to address cyber defense and internal controls with a common policy-driven security control framework

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