Automating compliance, audits, & protection of sensitive data in SAP for the A&D industry​

Aerospace & Defense companies are no longer siloed industries capable of keeping all data in house, under lock and key, at all times. Projects require data sharing with strategic partners, but that sharing must be compliant with export controls, regulatory controls and data protection rules and ensure that sensitive intellectual property is protected not only from leakage but from cybersecurity threats. Adoption of cloud services and solutions to modernize infrastructure and utilize technical innovations further complicates the situation as different areas of the organization have conflicting views on what can and cannot and needs to be done. Hosting of data processing and storage in environments that are compliant with your companies policies is a bare minimum. Automating access controls and reporting across the environment to demonstrate compliance is essential.

In this webinar, you will discover new ways SAP customers can use SAP Solution Extensions to:

• Automatically or manually classify critical data within SAP

Automatically prevent wrongful disclosure of transaction data and leakage via file sharing

• Policy-driven approach to automate data security and compliance procedure to prevent violations

• Automatically demonstrate compliance (« Compliance by design »)

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