Dynamic Enterprise Information Protection

The current situation requires organizations to enable virtual assets availability more dynamically to manage unforeseen scenarios (Work from home, Remote Access Scenarios). Current data safeguards in business applications are limited and lack the extensibility to integrate with other application as wells as the scalability to evolve for new technologies. Retrofitting access models across applications leads to significant development costs as well as manage complex requirements within a limited timeframe.

Dynamic access management acts as a preliminary step for organizations to start evolving their access models and provide consistent data protection

In our free webcast “Dynamic Enterprise Information Protection,” hosted jointly with our cooperation partner NextLabs, we will discuss how to achieve “Enterprise information protection” using dynamic access management and prevent sensitive data at risk.

In this session, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to:

  • Externalize data security and expand realms of access control with contextual data security (time, location, process lifecycle, etc..)
  • Secure access to sensitive information across the applications
  • Enable data loss prevention from crown jewel applications to external interfaces (MS SharePoint, etc..)

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